Friday, October 28, 2016

Finding A Soul Mate (灵魂伴侣)

Some lady come to me and said: “I want the handsome gentleman next door.”

Some gentleman come to me and said: “I want the pretty lady in my office.”

No one really knows who his or her soul mate really is.

A person’s soul mate is definitely not written on his/her face for sure. The only way to find out one’s soul mate is through his/her astrology reading.

In the West people advocate ‘freedom of love’ where when two people are in love, then they are considered as both person’s soul mates. Sorry to say, this is far from the truth. The person you love, or the person who loves you might not be your soul mate. If we put two persons who are not each other’s soul mates; then one will die or both of them would be divorced.

Many people come to me and complaint about their marriage lives but when I looked into their astrology chart, I found that none of them appeared in each other’s astrology reading. For example: if a lady is destined to marry an older person far away from her home, and she instead married another younger person near her place; then their marriage would not last very long. I just have too many examples in hand.

My soul mate stays a few thousand miles away from me, before I met her; I knew a lady. During the time we were together, I would have 2 minor car accidents yearly until this become a norm. When I first date this lady, my one-week old new car was bumped into by a drunk driver and I had to spend $1,000 to repair it. Lives were getting bumpy then and we finally parted. Now, with my new soul mate; my life has changed for better. For the first time, I near missed two freak accidents on a roll within a week!

So said, I would define one’s soul mate as a person who can compensate one’s shortcomings. For example, if a person is passive; his/her soul mate will normalize this person to a more active level comfortable to both parties. There is an old saying that when a couple gets together for a long time; they will have the same look (夫妻相).

If you have not found your soul mate, then you may try the Miao (苗族) moon praying ritual:

This ritual should ideally be performed on the full moon night of the 8th Lunar Month.

When the moon is full and clear in the night sky. Either go to a lake or pond where the reflection of the moon can be clearly seen on the surface of the water with offerings of 7 types of flowers, fruits and the ‘7 colour clothes’ (could be bought in Chinese shops selling offering materials) together with some incense and candles.

Perform a short prayer to the moon asking it to bestow you with a soul mate suitable to yourself. In this matter, you cannot put a condition of your soulmate such as rich, handsome, famous etc. If you do so, then it may work; or it may not.

After the prayer, just sit comfortably and look at the reflection of the moon. After a while, the image of your soul mate may appear. Otherwise, just thank the moon and go home. If you are not successful this year; then you may repeat the ritual next year. If you cannot find a pond, you may use a container filled with water.

I tried this ritual and got my soul mate in a very unexpected circumstances a few years later.

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