Sunday, October 30, 2016

Love Sustaining Ritual (爱情锁心法)

When a person has casted successful love magic onto someone, the next step for the person is naturally to ‘lock’ the heart of his/her love ones. Of course, many people only interested in one-night-stand types of magic then they do not need to bother about ‘locking’ the heart of the person he/she has enchanted. In this case, the said effect of love magic may fade away following the waxing and waning of moon.

In order to be able to ‘lock’ the heart of love one, there are many rituals to choose from. Strangely speaking, most of those love locking rituals are meant for ladies only. This phenomenon has troubled me for a long time and I finally understood that the best way to lock the heart of ladies is in accordance with the 4C formula: cash, career, car and condominium.

You may call me obsolete or mind locked, but how many times you cursed your boss as ‘old bold fat soul’ who has big tummy married a beauty queen just because he has a lot of $$$$! Well, he might not be able to win the heart of your girlfriend; but he certainly can win the hearts of a dozen ones that you would die for…

Let’s forget about those pathetic men and say something about love sustaining ritual for ladies. I can think two simple rituals off my head: one is the fish hook ritual the second is the love juice ritual.

First, the fish hook ritual:

In order to cast this love sustaining ritual, a lady must get a fish hook obtained from the stomach of a fish. Please don’t buy new ones or the magic might not work. Once a suitable fish hook is obtained, then the lady must get some body hairs (any body part would do). After that, she can write her lover’s name, date and time of birth on a piece of paper. Once done, the lady can use a piece of red string to tie this piece of paper onto the fish hook. This fish hook is then put into a small bottle.

Now, if the purpose of this lady is to bind her lover’s heart for the whole life, then she can just seal the bottle and bury it under a huge tree and forget about it. But I would advise the lady just keep the bottle just in case she wanted to release the binding spell when the love turned sour later. Well, we will never know.

Second, the love juice ritual:

In this ritual, the lady must collect some ‘love juice’ from her love ones into a small bottle and together with some bee wax. The juice and wax mixture should be heated until the mixture forms a mixture. While the mixture is still in liquid form, a piece of paper written with the lover’s name and date of birth is inserted into the bottle. The bottle opening is then sealed. The magic is basically done and the bottle should be kept in a secret place.

When the lover goes out of the house, the lady should take out the bottle and heat up the bee wax mixture. When the mixture softens, so is the lover’s penis. In this case, this poor lover cannot have the urge to have intimate act with any ladies out there.

When the lover is back, this bottle must be taken out and let the mixture cools off and harden. With the hardening of the bee wax mixture, so is the erection power of the lover.

I think the second ritual is the scariest of all for man. But have no fear, unless the lady has real magical power; the above ritual cannot work.

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