Friday, October 21, 2016

Visiting Aunty Immortal (会仙姑)

Aunty Immortal is another term for female spirit medium in mainland China. This is the same as ‘tangki’ (童乩) in Singapore and Malaysia.

When I visited a friend in Guang’dong (广东), China; his sister wanted to consult a famous spirit medium whom was known as Aunty Immortal. As you all know, I am a pretty busy body about supernatural and spiritual things. So, I wouldn’t want to miss this chance to see a real Aunty Immortal in action.

We arrived at Aunty Immortal’s place which was located at the end of an alley. It was a two story wooden building.

There, a middle aged woman wearing a pair of sunglass was seen sitting in an armchair in front of the house. My friend introduced himself and mentioned about the intention of the visit. And we were led into a very stuffy small room with a small table and two chairs.

Before the medium fell into trance, my pal elbowed me indicating that I should keep my big mouth shut and I took the hint; and I stood back to watch.

After both my pal’s sister, Lin’lin and Aunty Immortal sat in the chairs; Aunty Immortal started to sing some sort of song which I could still remember similar to the below:





(A day in the 8th Month, the weather turned cool; I bring my disciples to plant padi.

After planting rice, I bring my disciples to the Yellow River.

At the mouth of Yellow River, my hands shake and my legs also shake.

After crossing the Yellow River Bridge, my feet jump as well as my heart…)

The song was sung repeatedly until the Aunty Immortal started to hiccup. What I could say was that her hiccup sound was quite terrible. It was a series of loud ‘weeeaak’ sound; more like someone was vomiting. After a while, she started to sing again in some cryptic language that she later referred to as the ‘language of the immortals’ (仙话). The cryptic language sounded like: “kik-kik-kak-kak, yik-yik-kak-kak” sort of voice.

After about an hours or so of dramatic vocal performances by Aunty Immortal, she started to talk to Lin’lin: “I can feel that you are worry about someone in your house…”

Lin’lin: “Yes. Aunt Immortal… It was my grandma…”

Aunt: “Oh… I can feel cold… can’t you see that I am shivering?”

Lin’lin: “What can I do?”

Aunty Immortal continued to shake her head and after a while she embraced her body as if wanted to get warm. Then she sang:

“I want 8 oranges, 8 apples, 7 types of flowers… And RMB1,000…”

As this Aunty Immortal sang, Lin’lin wrote down all her requests which lasted for two full A4 pages.

And before we left the place, Aunty Immortal suddenly said to me: “There are a lot of spirits around you, I can help to chase them away for RMB2,000; foreigner’s rate.”

Of I smiled and declined politely: “I know… I kept them to work for me!”

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