Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Invisible WeChat Pal (隐形的微信友)

It seems even spirits are getting modernized nowadays. One thing for sure, my kid spirits can switch on my computer at night. Same thing happened to Katherine who rented a two-room apartment in JB somewhere near the second link.

Katherine is doing her online business and she used her apartment as her resident and office.

For many months, Katherine was troubled by strange cases where it was either her smartphone or computer would be switched on automatically at night. At first, she thought it was just the auto-rebooting of the electronic gadgets after some automatic upgrade downloads. After a while, Katherine felt something was not quite right as she also heard the typing noise on her keyboard too. At times, it was as if someone was playing games with her computer and smartphone.

Since Katherine was staying alone, she suspected there is another entity staying with her in that apartment, but she was quick to dismiss those disturbances as her over vivid imagination until one day a lady dropped by her place and introduced herself as Jenny.

At first, Katherine thought Jenny had gotten the wrong address… But Jenny insisted that she did come to the correct place and after some arguments; Jenny took out her smartphone and showed Katherine her WeChat records. To make a long story short, the record showed that Katherine did invite Jenny to come over to her place to meet face to face even though Katherine couldn’t remember when such conversation did occur. Since Katherine couldn’t explain her case with Jenny and that she has started to remember the strange typing noises at night; she made an excuse to Jenny and apologize that something had just popped up; and she had to cancel the meeting.

Jenny shrugged and then left. But Katherine was not at all at ease, she immediately called her landlady and asked about the background of that apartment. After half forcing and half coaxing; the land told Katherine the former tent of that place was her 18-year-old son who perished in a motorcycle accident two years ago… Perhaps it was almost clear to Katherine that the prankster who had made use of her computer and smartphones might be a ‘ghost’!

Of course, the best option was just to move away. But since the landlady was willing to lower the rental and Katherine did like the place. She called her brother, Kent for help. In turn, Kent gave her sister my number and she called me.

After listening to Katherine’s story, I told Katherine:

“What you need to do is to talk to this ghost that you know its presence. Promise the ghost that you will buy him a set of paper made smartphones or computers but don’t promise it anything else. Tell it not to temper with your stuffs as now it has its own. You may burn some joss paper during festive seasons and that would be enough.”

Katherine followed my advice and she had not experience anymore strange happenings at night.

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