Thursday, October 20, 2016

He Saw His Mother’s Soul (见母生魂)

I have posted many writings on soul of dying person materialised in front of the living love ones to either warn or to tell them some important information or message.

This one is special in that I never know even the soul of a suicide person can come out from its body and materialized in front of the living a week before committed suicide.

Boon was a volunteer in the Buddhist centre I joined and his mother died about a decade ago. His mother was believed to have committed suicide by drowning herself in sea near Kuantan. She was only 60 years old when she ended her life.

About one week before the old lady had purported to have ended her life, Boon actually saw his mother’s apparition materialised near his bed in the middle of the night. According to Boon, it was just a greenish glowing orb at first; then the orb gradually grew bigger and then he saw the familiar shape of a woman formed. He was almost sure that it was the apparition of his mother but the apparition he saw had waist long hair with skinny and wrinkled face. But Boon couldn’t be too sure then because his mother who was sleeping in another room had short hair at that time. The apparition lasted for a few seconds and then vanished in thin air and Boon thought it was just his bad dream.

After the apparition has gone, Boon did go to his mother’s bedroom to check on her just to make sure everything was okay. A few days went by and nothing unusual was found. So, Boon dismissed the apparition just as his own vivid imagination.

A few more days lapsed, then one day, Boon’s mother suddenly asked Boon to bring her to wet market to buy some food stuffs for cooking. She bought a lot of foods which she would not have purchased because there were only two persons staying in the house. And it was not her norm to cook as it was not yet festive but Boon thought as long as his mom was happy, so be it.

After cooking with all dishes arranged on the table, Boon’s mother suddenly said that she wanted to go out for a walk and to get something. Boon wanted to give his mom a lift as he has a motorbike but she declined and went out all by herself. Boon waited in the house until it was quite late but his mother was nowhere to be found. He decided to go out to search for his mom but after he went to all of the places he knew and visited all his mom’s friends; the old lady was still not in sight. He had to wait for 24 hours before Boon lodged a missing person report.

A few days later, Boon found his mother’s slippers and an empty handbag lying on the beach. His mother was still could not be found until today.

There were many conjectures about the end of Boon’s mother, some said the old lady jumped into the sea and drowned. Some people said that she suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and wandered off…

Boon said he consulted a famous medium and the medium was successful in calling up his mom’s soul. The old lady’s soul said she had jumped into the sea and now she had become a drowned ghost and now that her body have decomposed and eaten by fishes.

I have no way to ascertain if Boon’s mother has ended as mentioned, of course I couldn’t question Boon. So, I just record it as a strange case yet to be solved.

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