Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Beware Of Autosuggestive Practices (小心自我暗示法)

By autosuggestive practices I am referring to: mediumship training, Tenaga Dalam or similar Taoist practices for invulnerability: The practice of gods (神功) and the strike of gods (神打). These type of practices are definitely not suitable for those individuals suffering mental depressions and other mental illnesses as it is almost certain that these folks will run into troubles. I cannot be sure if those induced movements are indeed due to autosuggestions or spirits to say it honestly. And it is certainly true that not everyone can be successful in inducing those auto-movements. Many people who are a little ‘blunt’ in perceiving energy flow will certainly fail to feel anything compared to the more sensitive ones.

I do not like to talk theories alone, and here is another story I have in my files:

Mr. Chew is a truck driver working for a local despatch company. He said that he is always being attacked and possessed by spirits. And these spirits want to take over his body by throwing his own soul out. All of his sufferings are because of his previous Taoist invulnerability practice.

Chew was about 40 years old when he visited a Taoist altar with his friend, Ah Hock. The altar was quite a secretive one as it has no name which is contrary to the norm. Instead, a piece of yellow cloth was hanging in front of the altar. Chew was curious so he asked Ah Hock of the reasons of its secrecy. His friend replied: “Only those who have faith can know the identity of the grand master.”

In order to find out the grand master’s identity, Chew followed Ah Hock into the altar. On entering into the altar, there were already a group of people; male and female. In the centre of the altar was an elderly man who approached Chew and identified himself as Grandmaster Lu. The grandmaster said to Chew:

“How amazing! You are destined to be with us today. We have worked together for the past 6 lives! Come, come with me into the altar. I will impart some of my power to you!”

Chew felt honoured as no one has greeted him to be so and yet he was curious. So, he followed the grandmaster into the internal of the altar. There he saw many Taoist statues on a wooden bench; he knows some yet many he doesn’t.

After that, Chew was asked to kneel down in front of the wooden bench while the grandmaster stood at his back and chanted some mantra. According to Chew, he could only feel part of his face became numb and cold; and then he felt dizzy. The next thing he knew was that there was a round of applause and as soon as he opened his eyes, he saw the familiar face of Ah Hock.

Everyone in the altar bowed to Chew and when he looked around, his hand already holding a sword with a piece of red cloth on his back. Before Chew could put 1+1 together; the grandmaster took a sip of water and blew at Chew’s face.

At his point, Chew felt very tired and his nape was experiencing extreme pain. The grandmaster told him: “You are very lucky indeed! The 3rd Prince of Nagaraja (龙王三太子) has possessed you!”

“What? Was I possessed?”

Since then, every time Chew visited the altar; he would be possessed by the 3rd Prince and did things he was not aware. Everything was informed to him afterwards.

This condition persisted for 6 months or so then Chew visited a monk in local Buddhist Association. The monk taught him to chant: ‘om mani padme hum’ every time he feels dizzy.

After listening to the monk’s advice, Chew decided not to go to the altar anymore.

Everything was okay for the first few days as Chew was quite diligent in reciting the mantra. After a while, he slacked and gradually stop the recitation.

A few days after Chew stopped the mantra recitation, he started to feel dizzy and heavy pressure started to build on his back. At the same time, Chew was also suffering severe headache and he couldn’t move and fainted on the floor. Chew was later hospitalized and being diagnosed as suffering ‘stroke’.

Just as when Chew was lying in his sickbed, Ah Hock came to see him and warned Chew that after his absence from attending the altar function; other ghosts have taken the opportunity to possess his body. And Chew must return to the altar so that the grandmaster can exorcise spirits in Chew’s body.

Having no choice, Chew returned and he did feel a sense of relief after the exorcism ritual. So, he stayed on with the altar for another 6 months.

One day, Chew’s sister visited him and she thought something was very wrong with Chew. After some persuasion, she dragged Chew to see the Rinpoche.  

The Rinpoche took a glance at Chew and said: “The minor chakra at your nape is now wide opened. So any spirits are free to come and go as they wished…”

Hearing Rinpoche’s words, Chew asked in horror: “What can I do?”

“There are many methods. First, choose a proper religion. But that would depend on your persistency!”

After Chew left the centre, the Rinpoche warned us of the danger of those autosuggestive practices popular amongst local folks. Of course, I dared not tell the Rinpoche that I was one of those culprits tempering with Tenaga Dalam… So, I conveyed the Rinpoche’s warning to you too if you still do Tenaga Dalam, Tangki (mediumship) and the like! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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