Monday, November 19, 2012

A Sumatera Soccer Spell

Wish that you can kick like a Shaolin monk? Try below spell ...

Forget about working in factories or even so called 9 to 5 jobs in this modern times as your salary is only next to none compare to an international football star who earns millions of dollars annually. The below soccer spell is originated from South of Sumatera, Indonesia. It is said that after successful completion of this ritual, one can run as fast as a deer and your kick will be at least twice as powerful as before the ritual.




If you are a Muslim, you must first perform a solat hajat; otherwise just pray according to your faith. Then recite the below prayer 7x. After that before entering the football field, the prayer is recited 3x while holding your breath and then storm your right foot 3x onto the floor.



Illa kata Adam

Ro’aina kata Muhammad

Lahaula wala kuwata illa billa hil ‘ali il azim kata Jibril”


Good luck trying. Do not forget to continue visiting MagicSEA once you have become a soccer superstar! J

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