Friday, November 30, 2012

Ninjitsu Art of Transfix (忍術縛身法)

A ninja can produce a strong shout similar to the sound of tearing shroud towards his target as if his target is being tied and cannot move. This is the famous ninja’s art of transfix.


Below is the ritual:


First, portray three times to Buddha.


Recite the below mantra:


“Namah samanta vajranam ham.”


Perform the Kuji-kiri then recite the below mantra while performing above hand nips:


“Xin-man-sheng” (1x)

“Om Svaha” (3x)

“Na-se-ke” (1x)

“Wun” (3x)




Invoke the below 5 Vidyarajas of Mantrayana:


East: The Trilokavijaya

West: The Yamantaka

Middle: The Acala (Fudo-myo)

South: The Vajrakuntali

North: The Vajrayaksa


If you have mastered this method, your enemies will automatically be defeated, or they will be in bewilderment and fail to carry out their agendas. This is an incredible ritual used by the Samurais and Yamabushi prists since the old days.


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