Friday, November 9, 2012

Attracting Good Luck: To Dos

Practise Kuji-kiri before you going out of your house will ward off bad luck.
After years of involvement in occult practices and having the opportunity to meet people from all walks of lives, I have summed up a few pointers for attracting good luck. Perhaps the tips would not make you a millionaire; I can guarantee that if you follow through the below, then you will lead a happier and a healthier lives.


·         Control your temper and jealousy

o   Emotional outbreaks and excessive jealousy attract spirits of the jealous. Many people committed suicide due to impulse of jealousy and these types of spirits will not cross over to the other side easily as their minds are full of hatred. So when one is jealous about others, his/her aura attracts spirits of the like.

·         Do not overly show off your wealth

o   It is a fact that when you over shown your wealth, you will attract the attention of thieves or robbers: physically or spiritually. Spirits can become jealous about your jewelry for example.

·         Do not get drunk

o   Spirits of the drunk will possess you when you are drunk and unconscious.

·         Do not owe your friends money

o   It is said that only people with bad luck owes money.

·         Pay your bank installments timely

o   Not only that it is not a good thing to owe bank any installments, it is also brings bad luck.

·         Limit your sex partner

o   Having an assortment of sex partners may be fun physically, but one’s aura will attract many spiritual parasites.

If you are doing some of the above consistently, then you will certainly feel that your luck or health is no good. The reason is quite obvious, loads of spiritual parasites are attached to your aura and sucking your life force. There many countermeasures to clean one’s aura:


·         Perform ritual bath with herbs

·         Perform aura cleansing, grounding, lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram and the middle pillar ritual, ruqyah, exorcism etc.

·         Wear protective talismans



And yes I know I heard my friend Kenny said over his dead body if he is to follow through the steps :P


Well, the choice is still yours.

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