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Taoist Snake Magic (蛇术)

There are many streams of snake magic, below system is originated from Hunan, China. Since the transmission of this type of magic is only from mouth to ear, there are bound to be many errors in recording down these type of magic spells, so please do bear with me.


Anyone who is inspired to learn snake magic must first rear a small cock about one year old and feed it with realgar wine. Then on the 5th day of the 5th Chinese Calendar month, the cock will be slaughtered and its blood be mixed with realgar wine to be consumed by this inspired practitioner. The taboos must be observed by the person are: refrained from eating turtle (hard and soft shell), eels and snake. This person must also continue to consume realgar wine annually in order that his snake magic to be effective.


First step is to invoke the blessing of lineage guru (起师) by reciting the below mantra:


“I call upon lineage masters, especially master so-and-so (your master) to me (your name). Acknowledge in the cloud if you are in the cloud, acknowledge on the road if you are on the road etc. Hear my pleas thousands time, as my will, so mote it be!”




After that, as with any other Taoist rituals, one must “hide” his body (藏身):


“I am hiding my body, my body changed to masters of the north. I am wearing armor and holding a sword, stepping on the mountain of the south. I am holding cuffs first to lock the snake’s head, and last to lock the snake’s tail. The snake will not open its mouth, locking the snake head and tail. I am transforming to the masters of the north.”




It is only after invoking the blessings of lineage gurus and hiding one’s body that this person is said to be ready to receive further snake magic teachings. Below are just some of the items:


·         Snake catching method (捉蛇法)

o   Various hands-on techniques must be learnt in person from a qualified master with the aid of mantra: “My left hand transforms into an copper fork, my right hand transformed into an iron fork. I use the copper fork to nail the snake’s head and the iron fork to nail snake’s tail.”

o    一请左手化为铜叉,右手化为铁叉。铜叉叉蛇头,铁叉叉蛇尾。铜钉蛇头,铁钉蛇尾。逢蛇要捉,逢虎要拿,逢山要进,逢水要行,手剑药剑不离身。吾奉太上老君急急如灵!”

·         Neutralizing odor of a snake (收蛇气)

o   The following mantra neutralises the foul odor of a snake: “I am sending the snake toxin to the farthest mountain back, the snake toxin never return to me. As my will, so mote it be!”

o    一落蛇捞、送在万年山背,二落蛇捞、送在万年山背,三落蛇捞、弟子顺风一口,吹落蛇捞、永不归身。吾奉太上老君急急如灵!”

·         To make a snake coil (盘蛇)

o   The following mantra causes a snake to coil up hence preventing it from attacking people:  “This is not an ordinary snake; it is the emperor of the east. You must move under the 5 thunder’s order.”

o   “此地不是非凡之地,此蛇不是非凡之蛇,化为东方大帝,不去不行,任请五雷诀”

·         To lift a snake (挂蛇)

o   Recite this mantra when lifting a snake: “This is not an ordinary snake, the snake turns into a silk ribbon, you must move under the order of golden knife.”

o   此处不是非凡之处,此蛇不是非凡之蛇,化为丝带一条,不去不行,任请金刀诀。吾奉太上老君急急如灵!”

·         Returning the snake to mountain (送蛇归山)

o   Recite this mantra when releasing a snake: “Master of the north, I am holding the snake to return it to the mountain. Go with haste. As my will, so mote it be!”

o   真武祖师,蛇拿弟子手中,我今送你归山去,山中树木两边分,弟子复起蛇捞,开蛇口,快马加鞭,急急快走。吾奉太上老君急急如灵!

·         Stopping snake poison (下箍)

o   When a person is bitten by a snake, to prevent its poison in attacking the heart; the snake magic practitioner uses his hands to grip at the bitten area three times while reciting the following mantra: “I am inviting my master,  the medicine king, the copper hoop master, the iron hoop master and the like. As my will, so mote it be!”

o   一请天师父母,二请地师药王,三请铜箍罗汉仙师、铁箍罗汉仙师、左箍左断仙师、右箍右断仙师、不箍自断仙师。 吾奉太上老君急急如灵!”

·         Blessing water (化水)

o   After a person is bitten by a snake, the practitioner will bless a bowl of water and let the patient to consume as this will calm his/her mind with the following mantra: “ I lift my head, the masters of the north are at my side, it is falling cold dew, followed by frost and finally heavy snow. It is frozen all over until the snake poison retreats. As my will, so mote it be!”

o   起眼望青天,真武祖师在身边,手拿霜雪在眼前。一更时候下冷露,二更时候下冷霜,三更时候下大雪,四更时候雪上又加霜,五更时候金鸡未报暮,山中树木响叮当,龙来退尾,虎来虎退威,山中百鸟退毛衣,弟子手拿霜雪在眼前,右手拿起千年雪,左手拿起万年霜,一口霜,二口霜,三口呷口,蛇毒远走,左手右手,金针银针,弟子手中一针,吾奉太上老君急急如律令。“

·         Performing snake show (玩蛇)

o   Recite the following mantra in a snake show then the snake will not retaliate”You are coiling, and I am also coiling. Here you come, you are a snake! This is not an ordinary tie; it is a thousand pound tie. As my will so mote it be!”

o   你来盘,我来盘。你来了,此蛇一条!此蛇不是非凡之蛇,此扎不是非凡之扎,化为千斤扎。吾奉太上老君急急如灵!”

·         Removing Sha (收煞)

o   It is believed that snakes bring bad aura, so after one is bitten by a snake; the bad aura must be removed. The practitioner holds a bowl of plain water and stand at a distance of around 3 feet from the patient. First he will take a sip of water in his mouth, storm his right foot and spit towards the patient and recite the following mantra: “I am collecting the sha of 5 directions in my hand and throw the sha into a deep well. As my will, so mote it be!”

o    一收东方甲乙木,二收南方丙丁火,三收西方庚辛金,四收北方壬癸水,五收中央戊己土,弟子尽行收在手中,打落万井之中,无能动作。天煞归天,地煞归地,凶神恶煞,各归原位。吾奉太上老君急急如灵!”

·         Stop bleeding (隔山封血)

o   The following mantra stops bleeding of a snake bite, the practitioner hold the wounded part gently and recite the mantra: “I am sealing the seaport and the Changjiang, I am holding my breath, inviting Lupan to stop bleeding. As my will so mote it be!”

o   起眼望青天,罗汉在身边,上封海口,下封长江,闭决一口气,鲁班来封血,神鬼不敢当。吾奉太上老君急急如灵!”

·         Herbal formula for treating snake bite (治蛇毒药方):


Medicinal usher (药引): 矮茶、黄栀子、南蛇藤。Sorry, I won’t translate all the Chinese herbs into English. Too pooped :P


The above herbs are boiled together and the soup is consumed to reduce fever and reduce toxicities.   It is not necessary to collect all, suffice with the first 10 herbs. Do not wash with water but chew them in your mouth until mud like and apply at the wound and then wrap the wound up. You should change the medicine once a day; in general case, the patient will recover after three changes.


Just a final word, the above incantations and formula are for your reading pleasure only.


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    1. Yes. At advance level, the snake can be sent to harm a person.

      Then we would need another person who understands the snake magic, or use centepede magic or at least, apply sulfur at the periphery of our house.

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    3. Only in Taoist magic. The Chinese believe centipede can fight with snake.

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    5. Glad you like it. Let me dig up my old books about centipede magic in a day or two ... So stay tune ;-)

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    7. Glad you like it :)))

      May be it what people called "saka"?

      Try the hand guesture and mantra and say to the snake "go to Liew." Next time your mum sees one of the snakes.

      Good luck. ;-)

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    10. Hi Spencer,

      A "saka" is a family spirit passed down through the generations. People believe it watch over the well being of the family.

      I think the snake you have just killed is an ordinary snake. So no worries. If you still worry, then spread some sulfur powder around the house compound.

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    1. Depending on the type of black magic and the targets of black magic: if the target is a person, then the normal way is to drink holy water then wear protective talismans; it the target is a house, then normally salt or sulfur is used.

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    3. Sulfur is sold in hardware shop in plastic bag. It is in yellow powder form.. I supposed it is not more than MYR10 per bay. Yes when you add it with water it will become asid.

      In this case we just apply the yellow sulfur powder around the periphery of the house.

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