Monday, November 26, 2012

Breaking Curses With Red Cord

The holy basil: tulsi plant
A person who curses another person doesn’t feel the pinch, but the person who is being cursed at will have to face awful consequences if the curse is not removed.


I obtained the below simple but effective ritual for removing curses during my travel to India last year. The story began when I was having a cup of tea in a small tea shop somewhere in Bombay. When I was paying my bill, I asked the shop owner where I can buy a copper pyramid for my meditation use; and a conversation regarding black magic, curses and spirits broke out between me and the boss. He rolled up his left sleeve and showed me a red cord and told me that he has worn the cord for around two years; should he take it down manually, he will be killed by his opponent’s curse. According to him, the cord should fall by itself.


As you know that I am always a fan in collecting magic rituals from various cultures, so I pleaded the shop owner to teach me the red cord protection method. At first, he was quite reluctant, but after many rounds of bagging and persuading; he finally nodded his head and asked me hop on his scooter and off we go. The boss said he wanted to bring me to see his guru; a holy man. Just to make a long story short, below is the ritual taught to me by the holy man:


·         Get yourself a piece of red cotton cord; smudge it for 3 days and 3 nights while praying to your god according to your belief.

·         After that tie the cord onto the black magic victim’s wrist.

·         The cord must not be removed but only allow it to fall by itself.

·         When the cord has fallen, then go to your nearest temple; get some Tulsi leaves and burn the leave together with the red cord.


A year later, I received a mail from the tea shop owner saying that his red cord has finally fallen off and all his curses were lifted. Perhaps I will visit him again should I visit Bombay for a second time J.


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