Thursday, November 15, 2012

Introduction To Teleportation

Teleportation is an interesting topic to talk about; it is sort of similar to Astral Travel (AT) or Out Of Body Experience (OOBE), but not quite the same. While AT and OOBE involves only spirits, Teleportation involves both the spirit and the body. Almost all magical streams or religions have recordings of Teleportation now and then. The Tibetan masters were known to be able to transport themselves partly or wholly during meditation. Shamans are also known to be able to travel over long distance in pretty short time. While Taoist Magic also has many type of Teleportation rituals using spirits. The Hikmah stream is also very famous of their saints being able to travel long distance and back in remarkably short time.

I have collected some of the Teleportation rituals; just for your reference and reading pleasures.


The below method said to involve the formation of an energy/chi body; and when the energy body has the same weight, the original body is said to be able to ‘disappear’ into thin air and hence consciousness of the person can be transferred into the new body at a new location.

·         First open 3rd eye with mantra: Nu-Ne-Kha

·         Breaking boundaries: Ho-Ma-Kou

·         Enter into trance: Meh-Hri-Ru

·         Forming new body at new destination: Hu-Hah-Para-Sa-Hum


Other than the above, the Tibetan masters also use the inner heat yoga (Tummo) to travel across distances.


·         Call upon the power animal or guardian spirits

·         Fall into trance

·         And let the spirits take over. It was said that shamans in Siberia used their familiar spirits to travel thousands of miles across the vast land.

Taoist (五行遁)

Taoist has many Teleportation rituals, below is just one of the lesser known type. Recall that the Black Maiden also refers to Goddess Kali in Hinduism.

Recite the below mantra countless of times:

“The black maiden of nine heavens, you have amazing powers; let my body escape through the five directions and five elementals. I am reciting this mantra repeatedly with all my faith; this will even shock the heaven and earth.”



This ritual is also known as Tay al-Ard ("folding of the earth"), or in Indonesia and Malaysia “Ilmu Melipat Bumi”. Another similar method is the “Ilmu Saefi Angin”.


·         First recite the Name “Allah” continuously until you feel a sense of power entering your body.

·         Now recite and concentrate on your heart: “BISMILLAHI ‘ALAA QALBIIY HATTAA YARWAA: With this Name of Allah until my heart is filled.”

·         Then recite and concentrate on your knees: “BISMILLAHI ‘ALAA RUKABIIY HATTAA TAQWAA: With this Name of Allah until my knees are strengthened.”

·         Finally recite and concentrate on your destination: “BISMILLAHI ‘ALAA ALARDHI HATTAA TUKHWAAA:With this Name of Allah until the land is folded.”

·         Lie down comfortably and you will reach your destination very soon.


  1. Greetings

    Teleportation. Fascinating. In the Hikmah Section the Last Part says With This Name of Allah. But the name isnt given. Is this to protect the untrained user or a typo. lol.

    Thank you for this Blog. Its amazing. Informative and took alot of hard work. Blessings on you Liew for your submissions.

    Are there rituals that allow one to shapeshift from male to female, or assume the physical look of another person? Shapeshifting. Teleportation. I'm Loving this Blog.


    1. Greetings.

      Oops.. My typo. :P

      Glad that you like it. The original intention of this blog was for my self reading purpose during my travels :D

      I think there is a way to shapeshift into another person, let me search the ritual out. But I think 'hijacking' the person is more common.

      Thanks again.

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    This Blog has become a daily addiction. And I get grumpy while waiting for new content to be posted. ha ha ha

    Oh Goodie. Research on Shapeshifting. Cant Wait. I know that it is possible to physically shapeshift into Animals. However alot of energy and work and assistance from Gods and Spirits are required. And Is a deadly undertaking if a mistake is made or transformation isnt completed.

    Shapeshifting into another sex or person, via transformation or Hijacking as you call it. (two diff methods i know. lol) is much easier to achieve.

    Absolutely stunning work. Thank you


    1. Hey, Dee i was reading your comment, BTW i am also looking for the same type of shapeshifting that you're looking for which is (Human to animals or face to another face) I have found alot of shape-shifting method and most of them are illusion @ eye tricks @ aura tricks ETC. I am looking for physical shape-shifting, are you looking for physical shape-shifting too? :P . and to Mr Liew, I can't wait for your next face shifting post. :P

  3. Lew, so what is the missing name to be chant at the last part ?:) im planing to try out this one...

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