Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Introduction To Daireindo (太靈道)

Straightly speaking, the Daireindo can be considered as a New Age System from Japan. Perhaps you have come across this type of practice in one time or another. Let’s explore this Daireindo system together before we move on to more teachings “made in Japan”.


Mr. Tanaka Morihira

Daireindo was founded by Mr. Tanaka Morihira (田中守平, 1884-1929). While he was working in the Ministry of Printing Bureau in 1903, he was put under surveillance by the authorities for some reasons. That was when Tanaka went on to an extensive fasting of 90 days. During the fasting he discovered his body vibrates vigorously when he was making certain hand postures and the vibrating hand when placed on the body of a sick person; elevates the pain significantly. In short, this is somehow similar to the Reiki system.


Mr. Tanaka’s teaching was later expanded to China where it is called Lingzhishu (靈子術). Daireindo has some similarity with Waidangong (外丹功) but it is much simpler.


The basic of Daireindo postures:


·         Press your palms together as if you are praying while reciting “Zenshindairein” (全真太靈) continuously and relax. In time you will find that your hands are shaking automatically.

·         Now extend your hands forward with your finger pointing forward and recite “Zenshindairein” as before until you feel the movement. Your arm and your body should be at right angle.

·         After you have successfully induces movement, lower your arms at your sides and your arms will shake automatically.


To test your power:


·         Get a piece of wooden plank and put it on a table top, then put your palm gently onto the plank and try to vibrate the plank. When you have successfully done that, add a second plank. A season practitioner can move up to 10 planks.


It is said that once you have mastered this art, you can hardly fall sick and you can topple a person at a distance of about 6-8 feet. Well, same old words; try it J.
Some Daireindo techniques

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