Monday, November 12, 2012

Who Is The Most Powerful?

Below stories are my all time favorite classics during my carrier. I have taken out previously in the hope to make my blog more manageable, but contrary to my planning; my posting kept growing since. So, what the heck, I will share with you the two stories below.


Story 1:


You know that occult business has its ups and lows cycles daily. The earlier half and the latter half of the day is the busiest; but things are almost standstill after the lunch till around dinner time. So at around 2pm every day, I would habitually visit my favorite coffee stall under a banyan tree not so far away from my apartment; first to enjoy the gentle see breeze and to chat with my pals.


There is no formal contract or invitation as to whom will attend this coffee meeting, but when the time is right; people will come in turn, order a cup of coffee and be seated at the usual place.


So the story begins on one stuffy afternoon, I went to the coffee stall as usual to take a sip of thick black hot coffee also with the hope to find new ideas for my blog. My usual gang was already there: a Thai arjan, a Taoist, a Javanese Kyai and an old Malay Haji. We chatted amongst each other on many current issues, until the topic touches on which magical stream is the strongest; and the debate became heated up. As the voices of our table raised up to such a level to attract attention of the neighboring tables; so I tried to pacify the situation by saying, “All are my Sifu. Why not we have magic duel just to proof that his magic is the most powerful of the all?”


There was a long silence and finally all seconded my proposal. So the Taoist started to chant and storm the ground and ask to be possessed by the “Monkey God”. After a while the “Monkey God” was successfully invoked and the Taoist was indeed shirking as if a monkey and jumping up on top of an empty table behind us while scratching his body. Now the Arjan came into play: It is Taoist magic in due with the Thai Arjan. The Arjan took out his Phra Ngan amulet, closed his eyes and started chanting mantras. At the same time the Monkey God was making some sorts of hand gestures in retaliation. The standoff continued for about 10 minutes or so, suddenly the Monkey God fell from the table and scrambled away. No doubt that the Arjan’s Phra Ngan has won this round.


Now the Kyai wanted to try his power on Phra Ngan, so another fight has begun. The Kyai was reciting the Asma Sungai Rajah while the Arjan continued with Phra Ngan. After another 10 minutes or so, a cracking sound came from the Arjan’s side. On checking, the Arjan’s Phra Ngan has cracked; so the Kyai won the duel.


Finally, it was the old Haji’s turn to combat with the Kyai. The Haji just recited the Ayat Kursi and the Kyai continue with Asma Sungai Rajah. After a while the Kyai’s face turned red and started to yell, “Hot! Hot!” followed by sitting on the floor panting. So obviously the Haji has won the duel. We all gave the old Haji thumbs up and the stall keeper immediately gave a cup of nice thick hot coffee as a complement.


But before the old Haji can celebrate his victory, the old Haji’s wife came and looked for him as the old Haji has gone out longer than he should have been and no one was attending to their sundry shop… What else? The old Haji had to obliged under the grumble of his bitter half J.


Story 2:


It was last September that I received a call from Jeffery, a proud owner of a few hostels in Johor Bahru. It was indeed a rarity to receive his call because this guy never calls me unless my service is desperately required. Upon enquiry, it transpires that Jeff’s hostel was haunted by a black shadow figure that has scared the wit out of his female tenants. If this guy is not exorcised, then Jeff’s business will be affected badly. You know bad news really travel fast in this line and competitions are intense.


So I make haste and drove myself overnight from Penang to Johor Bahru.


When I finally arrived at Jeff’s premise, a Taoist “Sai Kong” was there welding his magic sword and wringing his bells while chanting mantras with high and low voices. Then the Sai Kong took out a snake whip and told Jeff that he will need to whip the spirit 100 times, but the price for one whipping is MYR36. Jeff obliged and the Sai Kong continued to chant and dance his way for another 30 minutes or so before ending the ritual. The Sai Kong opened his right palm and said to Jeff, “MYR3600. Thank you.”


I thought Jeff’s case is settled, so I went oversea to Singapore to visit an acquaintance for a few days. But only after 3 days later, I received another call from Jeff. Apparently Jeff’s shadowy friend has come back for another visit. So I went back to Jeff and only to find out that there was already a Kyai with a few assistants employed by Jeff’s Indonesian wife. I figured that since I was there, I better stay to watch the whole show.


The Kyai with his assistants was burning a large quantity of benzoic and started to perform silat as if fighting with an unknown force. After silat for about 30 minutes, the Kyai took out a bottle wrapped with yellow cloth and as if grapping something and tug it into the bottle. After that, the Kyai extend his hand and opened his palm and said to Jeff’s wife, “MYR3600. Thank you.”


After gotten rid of the Kyai, Jeff insisted to let me stay in one of the room in his hostel for insurance. I am only too glad to oblige as all were FOC and able to get acquainted with ladies over there. Having said so, Jeff’s smile didn’t last for another 3 days that his shadowy friend came back again in the middle of the night.


Jeff and his wife were in their pajamas knocking on my door frantically. I opened my door and before I could open my mouth, I was dragged to the same spot that the Sai Kong and Kyai has performed the rituals. There were already some panic stricken tenants waiting for our arrival. Everyone was staring at me hopefully I have some kind of panacea to put their misery away. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t prepared myself then as I was angered by Jeff’s flip-flop behavior. Since I didn’t have anything with me at the moment, so I said to the crowd: “Let’s pray to our Lord to send His Archangel Michael, Gabriel and Rafael to cast out the pains of hell…”

So we prayed for about 20 minutes and go back to our room as it was quite late already.


Jeff kept me for another 1 week thereafter but no reoccurrences of the shadowy friend any more. Before I leave his place, Jeff pulled me aside and told me that his wife has dreamed that the shadowy friend was escorted by an angel into the light. So he tugged a cheque into my hand and said, “MYR7200. Thank you for your service.”


So folks, which magical system would you say is the strongest??


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  1. Prayer. I guess.. found your blog by accident. Is really mind opening and entertaining.