Friday, November 2, 2012

Mantras Arts Of Defense

Yes ... But remember to recite the mantra first before you punch the guy.
Below is a list of Malay short mantras grouped under arts of combat and confrontation:


Mantra below is recited before punching. Recite the mantra once and blow a breath onto your fists:



“Ya dara bulah romuk ramanina.

Hu Allah.”


Another mantra for punching your enemy, recite the below mantra:


“Allah lah masuk ke Muhammad.

Muhammadlah masuk kepadaku.

Nur ada Muhammad berdiri.

Illallah hu.”


One more … First clench your fists, recite below mantra once and blow a breath onto your fists:


“Menyia Muhammad Allah lalu.”


Before slapping your opponent, recite the below:


“Diam Muhammad. Allah lalu.”


On second thought, if one tries to figure out which mantra is appropriate for which occasion; then he or she might just give up punching the opponent. This is an ingenious method to control one’s fury, at least I would think so J.


  1. What do they literally mean? Google translate isn't helping.

    1. Well, I'm just guessing... Many of the words are from local dialect. I just try my best, no guarantee of the meaning.

      The first basically means:

      "By God may blood flow non stop." (?)

      The second:

      "God united with Muhammad, and Muhammad united with me; by God only Muhammad stands alone."

      The third:

      "Be quiet Muhammad, the God wanted to pass by."

      Good if anyone can help.