Monday, November 19, 2012

Money Magic Of Gunung Kawi Malang


An offering ritual performed in front of sacred tomb in Gunung Kawi, Malang, East Java.

It is during these economic downturns that people will make use all possible methods to look for money, including involving in money magic related rituals. Gunung Kawi of Malang, East Java is a place known by its money magic. It is said that whoever performed the money ritual full heartedly will have his/her wish fulfilled.


People normally visit Gunung Kawi on Friday Legi (the funeral day of Eyang Jugo) and on day 12 of Suro month (the day of the death of Eyang Sujo). The ritual is done by putting food offerings, burning incense and meditates for hours, days and at time even months. Visitors are forbidden to think of the unholy matters and they are advised to take ritual bath before start praying in front of the grave.


Other places of interest other than the grave:


1.      House of Eyang Sujo

2.      Eyang Jugo’s two jars

3.      The Dewandaru tree where the leaves of the tree are kept in wallets as good luck charms


Visitors need only to bring flower offerings and a small donation. It is a norm that visitors of the holy grave walk with their knees as if coming face to face with a king. People come with various motives, some just for fun while others come with the intention that their wishes can be fulfilled. As the Chinese proverb says, “A mountain need not be tall, as long as there are gods.” Gunung Kawi is neither tall (~2000m) nor beautiful. In fact, Gunung Kawi is made famous by the Chinese who are fans of money magic. It is said that hundreds and sometimes thousands of Chinese and the locals visit Gunung Kawi, especially true on Javanese market days. These visitors have apparently transformed Gunung Kawi into night markets with baggers, souvenir sellers, restraints, fortune tellers, flower sellers etc.


The Gunung Kawi Foundation has offered three rounds of ritual offerings daily: 10am, 3pm and 11pm. The offering rituals are lead by a local shaman but one has to purchase the offerings so that his/her wish can be fulfilled. Those who are interested in participating in offering rituals must first register at the counter and then a price list of the offering objects will be given for budgeting.


Now even people started to think: who gets all the fortune? It is indeed the businessmen or the visitors who flocked to Gunung Kawi in the hope to perform money magic?

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