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Leak, Bali Black Magic & Shape Shift

After receiving some inputs on Deva Yakong, I dicided to carry out further examination if Deva Yakong really has a place in Balinese black arts or otherwise.


Black magic in Bali also knows as “Ilmu Pengelekan” belongs to “Aji Wegig”: Where “aji” means “science” and “Ngiwa” means left-hand path. The knowledge of leak can be learnt through palm leaves records, or locally known as “lontar”.


There are 4 types of black magic palm leave rituals or if you will, the knowledge of leak:


1. Lontar Cambraberag.

2. Lontar Sampian Emas

3. Lontar Tanting Emas

4. Lontar Jung Biru.


Leak is a very special phenomenon in Bali. This is a good topic to gossip about, and this is also a topic of accusations: So-and-so can become nge-leak; or I dadong (grandmother) of so-and-so sick because of leak. Seems like the image of leak already deep rooted in the minds of the locals. The question is … where is Deva Yakong?


The origin and philosophy of leak


The origin of leak can be traced to as an inner spiritual ritual called ‘tapa’ or ‘asceticism’; as the metaphor of fire hence the ‘strength’. As to whether this ‘strength’ is used to burn our ego in order to achieve self awareness or on the contrary; it is used for the indulgence of burning the subjects we hated most. Again, this ‘tapa’ resembles fire or energy of extreme heat. Those people who keep lust or negative emotion in such a way that when they are blown up in certain ways would emit fire of ‘tapas’. Although we say that they are on a deviated path.


Starting from this principle, Calon Arang (Randa Dirah) who was a central figure in the world of Bali leak transformation believed to have carried out the practice of "tapa hatred" and turned him into what is called LEAK. It was said that Calon Arang has the ability to control his hatred and revenge until the production of fire. This is the reason why leak knowledge from Calon Arang basically sees manifestations of flame (ngendih). And certainly, the fire emitted by a leak cannot harm those who also possess fire of similar type and spiritual fire of better quality. Because of that, Mpu Bharadah, Mpu Bahula or Raja Airlangga (Mpu Jatayu) who represented the “spiritual fire” cannot be attacked by the hatred fire from Rondo Dirah. This also the reason why goddess Durga's only allowed Walu Nateng Dirah to spread his power to the "periphery" of the "royal capital" of Airlangga. The “periphery” refers to the “worldly” people, people who are affected by materials, power and money. On the other hand, “royal capital” refers to the persons who have achieved self awareness or those who are following spiritual path.


Whatever the case is, the “spiritual fire” is more superior to the “hatred fire”. Dewi Durga (Bhairavi) is a manifestation of “hatred fire”. As long as hatred exists and revenge is seek, and all the factors when combined to cause destruction, then “leak” continue to exist theoretically speaking.


Calon Arang was only the originator of the subject matter that represented a perfact sense of dissatisfaction. The Queen of the Raja Dirah together with her daughter, Princess Ratna Mengali was dumped like garbage to the edge of the kingdom. She had to endure the embarrassing title of widow (rondo). So days and nights the queen kept the fire of hatred towards everyone. She has only one purpose; to seek revenge by releasing here uncontrollable hatred energy. This awful destructive energy of awareness is called “Dewi Durga” (did-aghni, tapas fire). This type of fire when added a little “seasoning” from the tantric teaching, becomes the raw material for spreading calamity in the life process called “desti”, witchcraft or teranjana.


Mechanical processing of fire tapa "left hand path" such as that of the Rondo Dirah version was much discussed in the tantric teachings of wamamarga. One example is pewisik received by Calon Arang in order to successfully change the shape (malin rupa) as follows:


Iki tingkahe mangda dadi binarupa,katon dening wong sabumi; iki pradatanya,away hima hima ring payogan.Sane metu ring sarira gnahnya mider bwana,lwirnya :

Papusuwan ngaran purwa,ika dadi lembu

Peparu dadi singa,kelod kangin

Atine dadi barong,kelod unggwanya

Usus agung dadi warak,kelod kawuh unggwanya

Ungsilane dadi nagha pasa,kawuh unggwanya

Amprune dadi raksasa,kaja unggwanya

Jajaringane dadi garuda kaja kangin unggwanya

Tumpukan papuswane dadi kala mretyu,ring madya unggwanya


Unfortunately, some people always blame Randa Dirah as the culprit of Aji Ugig (leak), while many people are also unknowingly practicing a kind of asceticism as practiced by Randa Dirah. Many people say that they are afraid of leak, but they are also followers of Calon Arang... They "quietly" go to temple or sacred place, tomb of  "powerful guru" and so on, not to worship Hyang (adore, glorify and thank presented to Hyang Widhi) but to pray for worldly needs. If they think of worldly things again and again until non sleep, no doubt they are faithful followers of Calon Arang aka "leak leak tie" (read: leak matah). So why should they be afraid and pick on Randa Dirah and his leaks? Indeed, there is nothing to fear but fear itself.


Come back to my original question: where is Dewa Yakong?


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  1. Hi bro,

    Thanks for sharing.

    This Deva Yakong thing is of interest as I have never heard about it, but in the other link you provided where there is a kind of Yantra of this spirit I find it strange that the yantra have the same kind or sun and moon above it as the ones you can see in certain Pra ngang manuals made up by some Singaporean guy, I think called Jeff Tan.

    Do you think the same guy made up all these things?

    Is all these manuals a scam by the same guys?

    1. Hi,

      Deva Yakong is probably a New Age serpent spirit of some sort ... If you are living near the sea, why not give it a try ;-)

      The Yantra of Deva Yakong is an improvise from Pra Ngang manual or Maharat manual. I believe if Deva Yakong exists at all, the ritual is just as I have published but without the Yantra.

      I have no problem with Deva Yakong, but find it irritation to link it to a Tibetan master and the practice of naga.

      To answer the questions:

      Yes I do believe the same guy has made up those things for his personal agendas.

      Those manuals are a scam to attract people from patronising the items he sells. Many of the manuals are incomplete or had been edited to rander useless by the same person. First he will send you the manuals, then follow up with suggesting his stuffs to you gradually as if your old friend. If you are facing problems with the manual, he will switch you off and look for other victims else.

      So beware of this person. Practicising with half truth is extremely dangerous and time wasting.