Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Getting Rich By Marrying A Beautiful Jinni

Just quite recently that one of my Javanese friend told me the way of getting instant richness through a sacred marriage with a beautiful jinni.


According to his narration, this ritual can be performed in a cave believed to inhibit with spirits. There are three methods that one can choose:


·         Having sex with a serpent spirit

·         Having sex with a crocodile spirit

·         Marriage with a queen of jinni


The most favourite one is the third option: marriage with a queen of jinni.


Before the ritual, for the married man, he must first obtain permission from his lawful wife; if the person is still single, then he must seek permission from his parents.


After the approval is obtained, what left now is only a prerequisite for satisfying physical condition. As with the norm of human marriage, there must be a religious teacher and his chief witness (this can be done by his kin). The groom must recite the below prayer to express his intention to have the sacred marriage:


"Ingsun niat Shahadat kawin batin, Raga-jati sukma-jati, panggawan-e jasad patang prakoro, pangambu, pangrungu, pangucap, paningal, panggawan-e telung perkoro, waline Muhammad pangulun-e Rosullulah, seksin-e Malaikat papat Jibril, Mikail, Isrofil, Izroil, srikawin-e ngilmu sejati roso sepisan dadi nggoning nikah masjid johar-awal johar-akhir, mas gumantung nggon-e pulangsih pulangyun rogo karo nyowo."


After the ceremony, as usual, the groom will be asked to go home and wait for the news of the queen. The embodiments of the queen is said to resemble a very beautiful and perfect woman.


The groom should prepare a special room to mate with the queen every Friday night Kliwon or on specific days only. Usually only after the intimate meeting that the sightings of property in the form of gold or money would appear at inscrutable place in that particular room. The husband must abstinence from flirting with other women and cannot have sex with other women other than his lawful wife and the queen. If the taboo is breached, then the husband will be severely punished or even dragged into the spiritual realm.


I was told that many people in West Java accumulated their richness through this method are able to perform Haj and donate to the mosque; where as their income is only sufficient to feed their mouths only.


As I heard such was the story told to me and only meant to add insight; it is up to you to evaluate the pros and cons of the above method.



  1. Dear Mr. Liew !

    Intresting indeed...

    And if you marry the "queen of jinni" would you have some "royal rights" also ?

    For example obtain some jinni servants or so ?

    And what if the queen gets pregnant ?

    Is this possible ?

    And how much money would you approximately get per "mating" ?

    Sufficiently to live a "royal" (or very good live) or only enough to "meet your needs" ?

    And does the queen would "treat" her husband well ?

    I mean...marriage and love are 2 different things you know...and if we are honest she is superior in rank than her husband...

    Thank you for your precious time !

    Emir M. Badri

    1. Dear Mr. Emir,

      Unfortunately I can't answer on the behalf of the queen. This marraige is just to satisfy the queen's lust for $$ no other than that.

      On the contrary, in all teachings, human has the highest ranking.

      Unless one follows the queen to her world, he will just be another motal. Many of these spirits are snakes, or even croc. So beware.


    2. I've heard many stories like this before, It is real and of course there is side effects for such practice.

    3. I was thinking of doing this ritual at Gunung Ledang ...

    4. unless you are highly motivated and have a family to feed, i strongly advice against it-also pay your outmost respct to the jinn when he/she comes to you-it is very problematic if you do it BEFORE a marriage to a human, since the jinni will NOT allow you to marry a mortal person, unless you are VERY versed in al Hikhmah-I did it so i speak from my own experience..but of course for a person who likes a hermit life it is rewarding..btw dear lie what is the variant of doing this if you are a woman( I did my ritual using an arabic formula not indonezian)

    5. The process is the same like wise. But I have not heard women done such rituals. I have heard that in Malaysia, women married with Orang Bunian and gave birth to children then taken into the spiritual realm. By the way, Indonesian formula are mainly from Arabic. Just treat it as a very localised custom.