Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ilmu Pangkanang Dayak

Ilmu Pangkanang is a type of powerful love ritual that is very much feared for and only kept in the hands of specific descendents such as chiefs or commanders of Dayak.


This love magic will penetrate into the heart and the mind of the target. It will also make the target submit to your lust, missing you until crying nonstop as if crazy.


There is no fasting or taboo required for this ritual. But you must have below things at hand:

·         Photograph

·         A drinking glass

·         Turmeric

·         3 grains of rice

·         Benzoin


Mantra Pangkanang:


“Bismillahirahmanirrahiim wilimuning ratsimajini alloh latineung kurajuti hati jantung, pikiran tiada bernafsu tiada berkehendak harus tunduk kasih cinta birahi ingat menangis rindu merintih terkenang-kenang tergila-gila kasih pada aku. Hak allah hak allah.”


·         Start the ritual on Friday mid-night. Clean yourself before the ritual.

·         First, burn the benzoin and turn fumigate it around your body 7x.

·         Break the turmeric and squeeze it until the juice come out.

·         Throw all 3 rice grains into the turmeric juice while thinking of the face of your target.

·         After that wrap the rice grains with a piece of paper.

·         Put the paper wrapping and the photo into the glass in an upright position.

·         Turn the glass upside down and fumigate it continuously with the incense smoke. Let the smoke fill the glass.

·         Put your index finger and middle finger onto the bottom of the glass while recite the mantra 14x~49x depending on the dosage that you desire.


Do not fool around with this ritual. I am not responsible for any undesirable consequences of misusing this love magic.



  1. Interesting. What would one do with the glass thereafter?

    1. Keep the glass upsidedown until the person come to you.

  2. In what language should the mantra be recited? In English, Sanskrit, or?