Monday, November 26, 2012

Man To Lady Spell: No Operation Required

If a gentleman wanted to change into a lady, the only option is to go to an operation theatre and having his dick removed and perform breast implants; plus consuming unspeakable amount of hormone pills … Or one has to resort to extensive make-ups in order to fulfill one’s wish.


The Maoshan Taoist on the other hand, has a simpler solution, but first you must make sure that you have set up your altar (六甲壇).


Now you must get a dead baby boy, wash it then cremate it and keep its ash.


Wait for another mother to give birth to a baby girl, but this time collect the baby girl’s afterbirth (胞衣). Cremate the afterbirth and then mix the ash with yellow soil together with the previous baby boy’s ash. Create two soil dolls and then write on them “transform into a lady”. Buy some lady’s make up and ribbons and put them in front of the two dolls under your altar.


Recite the below mantra 7x and burn 1 piece of above talisman:


“The sun rises in the east as if a red dot; I seek transformation from man to woman; by borrowing the shape so make haste to become a woman. I carry out Master Shanshanjiuhou’s order.”


After the 49 days of empowerment, put the dolls into a pool of water while burning a piece of talisman. By doing so, you will turn into a lady … But seriously, the book didn’t teach me how to change back to a gentleman. So, think twice before you act ok?

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