Friday, November 9, 2012

Mustika Pearls (Batu Geliga)

I am not sure if leklai can produce pearls, but this red and very light plastic like substance came off from my leklai some time ago. 
Batu Geliga/Guliga is thought of possess strong power and in searched by people with various purposes.


There are four main types of Mustika Pearls

1.      Animals

a.       Snake, fish, bird etc.

2.      Insects

a.       Centipede, scorpion, spider etc.

3.      Plants

a.       Coconut, Lemongrass, bamboo etc.

4.      Nature

a.       Dew, water etc.

It is a norm that Mustika Pearls take the form of oval shape. They are hard but brittle. Most of the Mustika Pearls have smooth surfaces, and their colour varies according to where they are found.


A simple way of determining if a Mustika Pearl is authentic is to rub the pearl onto a lime see if it turns yellow. It is an old belief that a Mustika Pearl can cure intoxication by dipping the Mustika Pearl into a glass of water while reciting specific mantra. After that the water is drunk by the patient.

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