Sunday, November 4, 2012

Black Attack Ritual III: Sail To Hell

The below Malay black magic is from the coastal area of east Sumut, North Sumatera. Its purpose is to make a person mad or dead.


First, prepare the below materials:


·         44 kinds of delicacies

·         Miniature boat made by coconut sheaths with sails

·         Threads for suspending the boat

·         Kaffir lime

·         Needles

·         Benzoic incense


Now make the figurine of your enemy then fumigate it with incense smoke while chanting the below mantra while taking one needle and pierce into the figurine, repeat the chanting until all the needles are finished.


After that, the figurine is put into the boat and then the boat is hang on a tree and continues to chant for about 20 minutes while turning the miniature boat. If you have done the ritual right, then your victim will feed as if riding on a boat while experiencing strong gale. This person will soon become mad if not dead.


The mantra:


Kata di aku


Kata di kau

Hai jumbalang manyuruk tanpo kapalo

Bakobat kaki dek giring-giring

Losap nyawo kalo tak gilo

Dondam tepondam bak ilang goring


Makbul doa bak doa losap nyawo

Usah di kau durhako

Jikalau di kau durkako

Tak kubagi jamu tuah

Jikalau di kau durhako

Kono rajam di kau dek datuk itam

Gilo sasaukan si (name)

Cabut nyawo si (name)

Tuah badan si (name) ka di kau


Kuuur semangat di aku

Kuur semangat di kau

Kuuur semangat mambang di tasik tali arus pauh si jonggi”.


(Roughly translated:

Hum! It is my words against yours. Oh gnome craws without head come with ringing sounds. If not dead then you will become crazy. I will not stop until my revenge is carried out. Carry out my order to take life. Do not transgress my orders! If you transgress my orders then I will not serve you foods. Datuk Hitam will punish you. Make so-and-so crazy, take his/her life! My spirit is on my side, your spirit is on yours, and my spirit is the spirit of the hunter of lake and stream hunter!”)


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