Thursday, November 22, 2012

Conjuration Of Snakes (过河)

We know that we can conjure snake spirits, but can we conjure snakes? This guy has done it, see the snake in the lower right hand corner?
It is said that all the snakes in a mountain are controlled by a snake king. The snakes will not attack unless provoked. If a person is bitten by a snake, Taoist has a method to conjure this snake so that it can ‘cure’ its victim. If you still remember the story of Chengzhou Fu posting:



A snake is called back to suck back its venom.


The conjuration method, try if you are interested:


·        First a place that you think there are snakes and then draw 3 concentric circles of 12ft, 8ft and 6ft in diameter; insert joss stick around the peripheries of the circles.

·         Now stand outside of the larger circle and walk in a clockwise direction while chanting the below mantra, slowly move to the second circle and finally to the center of the circle and sit cross-legged.

·         Wait for the snakes to come.


Alternately if you are onto the Hikmah method, then you may also call upon the snakes using Hizib Yamani J!


The mantra:


“I am burning three incense sticks; one made from gold, two made from silver and three made from yellow jewelry.

Who will come: gods or ghosts?

If you have accepted my invitation, you must come if you agreed.

Come with rolling rock, over the ridge, come across the river!

Come with jumping into river; or across the bridge; across the river!

Those who hang himself do cross the river!

Those constricted by snakes, bitten by tigers; do cross the river!

Those who stroke by sticks or chopped by machete; do cross the river!

Those who never go to temple do cross the river!

All are well if you cross the river!

All come according to my invitation!

I have nothing else but to sit in my throne as a god sent king.

I reign from Hunan to Yongshun, from Yongshun to Baojing, and from Baojing to a greater place called Mawangbao, lesser area called Xiping; miles and miles of rice field.

To my new disciples, I am inviting dragons from front, back, left, right, up and down!”


















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