Monday, November 5, 2012

Would The Emperor Do These Things?

The most absurd things about today’s popular Feng Shui (FS) is one must purchase 8 types of small FS gadgets from FS masters every year to be put in 8 different directions. Every year is the same; the only parties benefited from this absurdity are those New Age FS masters. While for the faithful FS believers, the only thing they get is a few dollars poorer every year.


Just a fruit of thought: Since when did the ancient Chinese royalties started to put 8 kinds of weird things every year from the formerly princely mansion, up to the emperor’s palace?


If someone told you to put a small red flashing light, then you can ask him: Did they put anything that keeps flashing day and night in the ancient palace?


If someone asks you to hang a bronze bell, but specified that there must be at least three black edges. You can ask him/her: which FS books state that a bell with two black sides has a different function with that of the three?


If someone asks you to consult FS every year and carry out FS adjustments, you can ask him: Did they adjust the FS in the ancient imperial palace hall? And did people at that time painted the interior and exterior walls with white this year; but next year painted yellow?


So you need only exercising your logical thinking to discover the pretentious teachings of many geomancers. At least if there is no ancient record, and that the FS actions that even an emperor would not have done; it is correct in saying that: you are damn right if refuse to comply.

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