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Javanese Snake Magic (Pawang Ular)

As with the Taoist snake magic, Javanese also has their versions of snake magic. Some of them are scientific, some are magic and many others are plying between scientific and magic. So, let’s explore the Javanese snake magic until you can choose the type you like most.


The basic prerequisites to become a “pawang ular” or a “snake shaman” are bravery and hardworking, while the magic is only secondary. It is not surprising that many of the shamans only acted on their bravery alone.


Ideally, a snake shaman should be fitted with the following characteristics: courage, perseverance, ease of mind and knowledge of animal behaviours as well as magic. According to my guru, the magic spells that the shaman must master belong to silencing and subjugating the animal at the foundation level. Later he/she must learn how to neutralise poisons (penawar bisa) just in case his/her magic failed.


I am listing some spells for your reference, perhaps one of the below suits your style:


Version I


In order to subjugate animals, memorize the below prayer:


“Laqod jaa-akum rasulum min anfusikum ‘aziizun ‘alaihima ‘anit-tum

hariishum ‘alaikum bil mukminiina rauufur rahiim. Fain tawal-lau fakul

hasbiyallaahu laa ilaha illa huwa ‘alaihi tawakkaltu wa huwa rabbul ‘arsyil

‘azhiim.” (7x)


“Niat ingsun amek banyu wales teken wesine bagindo Ali. Wa ‘aliifun la

yamud syaiun illa bi-idznillah. Kaf, ha, ya, ain, sin, kof.” (1x)


The practitioner must recite the above prayer after each of the obligatory prayers minimum 1x. In order to achieve better results, it is best to fast for 3 days on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. According to the person who taught me this method, the spell is for poisonous animals only. However, the spell can be used to subjugate human, for example: your boss J!


Version 2


Based on experience, the spell if dominated by Al-Quran verses react harder on the animals until the animal run away. Whereas the spells that utilise local dialects cause the animals to be quite relax. Because of this reason, for the purpose of shows with wild animals; then the traditional spells are more suitable. The Hikmah rituals are more towards subjugating animals and safety.


The Javanese subjugating spell is more towards snake only. In order to master this spell, the person must fast for 1 day: that is, the fast should begin at dawn and breaking fast at midnight.


Before breaking fasting, perform solat hajat 2 rakat then recite the below mantra 3 times minimum, then close with “red and white porridge” – the colour red at the bottom while the white at the top.


The mantra:


“Bismillahir rahmanir rahiim

Palingko palingkem Tunggak klopo mengo

Cangkem ulo mingkem Bubur abang nyimpang

Bubur putih, nyingkreh, nyingkreh, nyingkreh

Saking kersaning Allah

La ilaha illallah Muammadur rasulullah”


After the fasting and closing of above ritual, the mantra should be routinely recited 1 time in the morning and 1 time at night.


Catching wild snakes


The next step of training is that the inspired shaman can proceed to learn up methods of catching and taming wild snake. You will need a piece of tree branch or a piece of “Y” shape iron rod. Once you have cornered the snake, the “V” end of the rod is pressed against the snake head and now you can hold the head of the snake with your right hand while your left hand to hold its tail.


The mouth of the snake is taped then it will be put into a sack and put the sack on the floor for one week. The snake should be tamer after that.


Taming snakes


Now the snake is transferred into a wooden cage, do not put the snake into a steel wire cage or it will damage the snake skin and mouth; subsequently the snake may die. Normally if a snake is fed constantly, it will become tame after 6 month’s time.


When the snake is deemed tamed, it will be brought out of its cage with its mouth taped to prevent it from biting its owner. If this snake is in constant contact with human, it will naturally become tame. But this if this snake is to be left alone again for 2 weeks, it will regain its wildness. As a local snake shaman puts it: “long time not smelling the keeper’s sweat scent.”



Curing snake bite


Once this is done, then the final step is to learn how to cure snake bite. Ideally of course, one must and should seek modern medical attentions more so if a hospital is just around the corner. But if the person is in the middle of jungle, then the traditional method and first aid methods are his/her only bet.


Traditionally way of curing snake bite:


First, recite the below mantra then spit at the bite wound, then hold the muscle under the person’s armpit and massage downwards:


“bismillah.. wahai bisa simarakalah turunlah engkau di pintu nafsu

berkat la ilaha illalloh muhammadur rosulullah”


You may ask why human sliver is used in treating snake bite? Well, old folks believe that human sliver is toxic to snakes, so we use poison to fight poison.


Another method if a person cannot find anyone to help, then catch the snake and chop off 1cm of its tail and swallow the tail whole.



To advance in the knowledge of snake magic


The most practical way to master the Javanese snake magic amongst others is to pay a personal visit to the animal farm and discuss with the animal shaman over there. I personally learnt these magic by discussing with the shamans, involving in the catching of snakes and get the first hand experience about characters of the snakes. As the saying goes, experience is the best teacher.


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