Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Some Orang Bunian Words

It is a norm that many of the Orang Bunian words cannot be understood by mortals as it is supposedly only understood by the non-humans except for those people who are pretty close to Orang Bunian. Some of the words refer to trees, wind, fire, earth, air etc.


According to a friend, majority of old Malay incantation are from the realm of Orang Bunian. Below are some of the words comparisons as far as I can remembered, taught to me by two Orang Bunian sisters in one of my many dream visits to their kampong (village):


NYAWE = nyawa (soul)

 NAN = yang (which)

 MELATE = melata (creep)

 BETAPAK = bertapak (tapak kaki) [foothold (sole)]

 BEBAYANG = berbayang = mempunyai bayang-yang (shadow)

 MATE ITAM = mata hitam (black eye)

 BEHAWE BENAFSU = berhawa dan bernafsu (hawa nafsu) [carnality]

 TIADE BOLEH BENIAT DONGKI = tidak boleh berniat dengki [no jealousy]

 ANIAYE KEPADE AKU = aniaya kepada aku [injustice to me]

 KATE INDOK = kata induk (parent word)

 BONDE BE NYAO = benda ber nyao/ nyawa (animate objects)


Believe it or not, that is up to you J!


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