Friday, November 23, 2012

There Is Something Behind You!!

I believe that you have heard the saying that there is a spirit behind everyone. Some of the spirit is waiting to seek revenge, while some spirit just want to pay its debt whatever it is. So you can treat what I have said just now is a mumbo jumbo, if you do try the below game, then let me know ‘what’ did you see? Or how many things are behind you ;-)!


But first, a disclaimer:

·         The below game is to help you to see “it” behind you.

·         I cannot guarantee that the “it” is good or bad, or whether will it hurt you.

·         Everyone will have a different experience and hence the “it” will also be different.

·         If you think you are ready, then proceed. Otherwise stop here please.

·         Don’t try if you have a weak heart.


How to play:


·         Find yourself a small store room or toilet, preferably without windows.

·         Prop up a mirror and get yourself a comb.

·        Repeatedly sing the mantra: “jabielata voumo deos skoto” while coming your hair gently and slowly. Look into the mirror especially towards your back.

·         Your hair must be dry so that you can see the static spark produced from combing the hair. It is precisely this static spark that will let you see the “it” in the reflection behind you.

·         You must be absolutely quiet in the room and alone.


I was told that the success rate of this game is 75%, but try the game at your own risks.

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