Wednesday, November 14, 2012

From Magic To Traditional Medicine

Somehow or rather, many people come to me complaining about their ‘strange’ illnesses that no modern diagnostic methods can trace the origins of their sufferings. So these people come to me in the hope that I would tell them: “Yes. You have a devil in your body.” Besides looking at the visitors, the questions I asked simply put most of my visitors off; below are just a few:


·         Are you coughing?

o   Be it dry cough, hot cough, cold cough means different things altogether.

·         Can you walk alright?

·         Do you shit, urinate and fart okay every morning?

o   If not, either diet or digestive system is having problems.

·         Do you have stiff neck and shoulders with painful wrists?

o   If yes, most probably you are an office worker or driver.

·         Do you have problems with your back, waist or slip disc?

o   If yes, most probably you are a laborer or a technical worker.

·         At what season of the year did you get the illness?

o   Many illnesses are predominant during certain seasons of the year: flu may be predominantly at the beginning of spring.

·         At what time do you go to bed usually?

o   Ideally one should sleep before 11pm. late sleepers will have a lower immune system.

·         Can you sleep well?

o   Quality of sleeping affects a person’s health.

·         Are you quick tempered?

o   Hot temper not only affects human relationships, it also affects the well being of our physical body: Many instances of backache are due to bad temper.


You can bet that 99% of the time people don't have spiritual problems. Indeed apparently it is not easy to be a modern urban shaman: In order to survive, it takes more than magic. A magician is considered outdated if he or she still betting his or her own survival on the fear and ignorance of the general public now-a-days; magical knowledge is already a commodity and secrets are things of the past. Perhaps in near future indeed it needs a PhD degree to be a good magician J!


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