Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pisang Emas: Love Magic & Aphrodisiac

Pisang emas is a type of banana fond by locals of SEA countries as it is sweet and soft. This type of banana is also used as offerings in love magic rituals. Other than that, pisang emas is also consumed with the intention to increase sexual power.


Folks in Java have high regard on pisang emas because it is said that this type of banana has an unusual myth. Pisang emas is specifically used as means for newlywed to increase sexual power. Previously, it was proven that pisang emas was able to help the newlyweds to achieve sexual climax with additional prayers, of course.


Many people even treat the myth of pisang emas love magic is more powerful than Ajian Semar Mesem, Jaran Goyang, Asmarandana, Arjuna Teleng, Semar Kuning, Si Lujangga, Kinjeng Mas etc. However, there are price to pay in obtaining such a power.


For example, one must perform Mutih fast for 7 days and 7 nights plus the Patigeni. It is best to start the ritual on a Tuesday Kliwon.


During the fasting period one must recite the below mantra:


“Sun aji destiku si gedhang emas, sira ingsun saya, lebonana guwa garbane si jabang ponange ….. (say the name of target). Yen tinemu marase atine temokno karo atiku. Suci, ketaman tresno sejati. Ketaman sida edan, wurung edan sido ngomyang ora mari yen ora laku kang marekake. Rasaku lan rasamu dhuwur rasaku, rohku kalawan rohmu dhuwur rohku. Kamamu lan kamaku isih dhuwur kamaku.”


As legend has it that pisang emas love magic is super effective, the victim must quickly seek the help of a shaman. According to some spiritualists, the pisang emas love magic has a very advance philosophy because in the recitation of the mantra alone, the practitioner is in direct contact with specific magical aura. When feeling with gentleness and subtlety, the end result will be amazing. The victim will bow to the practitioner without experiencing spiritual oppressions.


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