Thursday, November 29, 2012

Virtual Memorial Service Hall (網上靈堂)

Virtual graveyard is indeed an ingenious way to tackle lack of burial sites issues!
I am not sure who first developed the virtual memorial service hall, but the Japanese have already offered the virtual memorial service hall years ago and it is currently progressing up to such a stage that even flowers and all other funeral necessities can be selected by clicking of a mouse.


Later, I also learnt that there is even a virtual graveyard in the development. Only the particulars of the deceased and the family members are required, and upon the successful completion of the registration process (with a fee); the web page will auto design the tomb stone and provide the relatives with a password. So wherever and whenever a person is, and provided he or she has a computer in front of him/her; this person can log in at his/her convenience. My first thought is that such service will benefit those who have migrated overseas or have the disability to travel. This is indeed an emerging market to tackle.


Just fairly recently, I have also heard that this type of virtual memorial service hall appeared in one of the Hong Kong web page, and this web page has also extended to the pets as well. Whatever the subject is: a deceased person, a pet or even inanimate object all are welcome. My hat is indeed off to the creativity of these Hong Kong folks really.


Perhaps one day such virtual services will also appeared in Southeast Asia regions; on second thought perhaps some ingenious business minded people have already done that and I have been losing touch with the ever changing techno world? And how do you like it: You can do the conjuration on-line and choose whatever entity to appear? Or may be create the virtual form of your enemy and ‘destroy’ it virtually with the click of a mouse? If all of the above have come true; it will be my turn to change MagicSEA into “Virtual Machine MagicSEA” J! 


  1. I think, some things must be let it has it is even how the world changes, just like if we are hungry we cant see the computer screen and be full just like that, no matter what we have to eat through our mouth to get full:)

  2. Dear Arjan Perng

    There is one problem. It has to be mainted with electricity.
    We dont know how long we have the luxury to use it in the extend we use now for pleasure. Real graves instead
    will stay hundreth of years.

    One is sure that the TV is able to trigger emotions, feelings and thoughts or even action.
    The question is : Do we need a grave to pray to the deceased? Can we work magic just by Virtual Simulation.

    I think about Video games. Some do draw from the ancient mythology of beings. From gods, devil, folklore ghost, demons and nature spirits. I ask me how they would feel
    when a person enjoys to overpower them in videogame.
    The thing is one think much long about a being in such cases and or repeatly slay them for expirience points in mmorpg.

    I ask me then how to pacify such spirits to understand it as a challenge as a human made game without meaning of offense but entertaining.

    Much to the interesting fact is that the Shin Megami Tensei Games are really a virtual libary on beings of the different cultures a bit different than slaying some imaginary idea non existence in the ancient time.


    1. Dear Innerknowledge,

      A virtual grave has no real function. By right a grave is a resting place for the deceased. The original idea of Feng Shui is to find the best resting place for our fore fathers. It is due to respect. On the other hand, a grave of good Feng Shui will definately make the descendents of the dead prosper and rich.

      In Chinese culture, it is believed that all deceased should be buried so that the soul can be rest in peace.

      Virtual stuffs only make the descendent felt empty and no support from the bloodline.