Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Talk On Leklai & Others

Leklai is always an interesting subject in Thai occult world. By searching the web we can find out assortments of leklai with spectacular names, but seriously; how many type of leklai are there really? I am speaking on what I learnt from my hermit guru and bear with me if what I said don’t coincide with what you know. I will spare you all the technical mumbo jumbos and go straight to the point.


I believe there are four basic types of leklai:


·         Earth:

o   This is the form of leklai black brown in color; it is either rounded or elongated. Only the long form has active power and it is most difficult to get these days.

·         Water

o   This is actually mercury found in the forest and cave.

·         Fire

o   Meteorite that fell from the sky; isn’t it looks like a leklai with a fiery tail?

·         Air

o   This is the lesser known type of leklai, it appears as a grayish silver or a black smoke like substance during leklai invocation, it can only be noticed when a person is in meditative mode. I once suspect that this is similar to the “serpent energy” or “Rahula” I have posted earlier.


My personal experiences with leklai:


·         There were once many geckos and bat droppings in my corridor, but now I hardly see any geckos around, and the bats have migrated to the other side of my house.

·         I once saw my leklai moved under my coffee table. Well, only the long one moved.

·         The long leklai can sing. I heard one of the leklai produced a prolonged sharp tone “IInnnngggg….” quite interesting.

·         The longer I keep my leklai, the shinier they become.

·         Turn on classical music and burn incense in front of leklai, then the smoke will be as if dancing in the air J.


How to differentiate a real leklai? Well, I am only an ordinary person; just let the expert in the field solve this mystery.


Sources for air leklai:




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