Saturday, November 24, 2012

Conjuring Centipede Spirit

Scary, scary centipede; do you really want to come face to face with it?
Conjuration of centipede patron spirit is the foundation of centipede magic. I am posting the basics of centipede magic due to some friendly requests, so here it is:


In Chinese belief, the 5 poisonous insects (五毒) are commonly known as: scorpions, snakes, spiders, centipedes and toads. The centipede is the leader of the 5 creatures and Taoist use centipede magic to counter the snake magic. The pearl of centipede is the most priced items in SEA regions but sad to say that real centipede pearls are extremely hard to find; no one will sell a present given by a patron spirit.


My guru said that he was visited by a 3 feet centipede when he was meditating in a cave on Ermei Mountain, China. I can’t promise you if a centipede will come to you if you do the same as the spirit choose its human partner and not the opposite. Anyway, below is the method from “The Secret Doctrine Of Lotus”:


·         Chant the mantra “Guruye Siddhi Hum” 10 times and meditate for 10 minutes or so putting forward your intention of wanting to practice centipede magic. Perform the simple ritual for 1 year continuously.

·         After the initial training, you must choose a place believed to have centipede activity; or just go to a clean and quiet cave. Where ever the place is, please don’t meditate in your house.

·         Meditate at the location for as long as you like, the longer you can meditate the better it is. It takes time for the centipede spirit to come to you if there is none at places where you meditate.

·         If you fail at the first try, continue to perform the meditation until you get a visitation. My guru only saw the centipede after meditating for 2 days or so; so be patient.

·         Assuming that you are visited by a centipede, you must perform the below hand gesture: touch your left thumb with your left finger forming a ring, as if you are making an “OK” sign; and your right palm facing the centipede. Recite the mantra “Guruye Siddhi Hum” 1x.

·         If the centipede submits to your hand gesture, then you are now empowered to use the centipede magic. Only after this initiation that your centipede talisman will work against the snakes.

·         Along the same line, you can use the above ritual to call upon the spirits of any of the 5 poisons.


I have not personally tried the above ritual, but if you have tried it and have extraordinary experiences; kindly let me know J!


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