Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Heart Of Compassion: Metta

I have spent last few days sorting various emails from folks either has started magic, wanting to learn about magic or already seasoned in magic; all but few has touched the key to foundation of magic: the compassionate heart.


The practice of Metta is not religion specific; in fact, all religions emphasize love. Through experience and the law of attraction: like attracts like, it is even more important to incorporate Metta in any of the magic systems.


The core of Metta practice is fairly simple but profound:


·         May I free from danger

·         May I free from pains

·         May I free from illness

·         May I be happy always


From the core then we expand the Metta view to:


·         May you free from danger

·         May you free from pains

·         May you free from illness

·         May you be happy always


Finally, the world view of Metta:


·         May all free from danger

·         May all free from pains

·         May all free from illness

·         May all be happy always


My personal view is that first, we must love ourselves before we can take care of others; then we expand our blessings to the world. Only in this way that can we see the light, love and peace.

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