Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Pearl Of Centipede (Geliga Lipan)

In Chinese culture, a centipede is a rival of snake or dragon. If these two creatures are put together, then they will fight until the other party is dead. Many believes a Geliga Lipan is formed by the sliver or the hardening egg of a king centipede and it is reddish brown in colour.

Collectors of Geliga Lipan in Malaysia and Indonesia believe that this pearl possess amazing power. Amongst common believes that it can bestow the power to see through solid object, to see hidden objects such as numbers of a poker card when put face down.

Many gamblers are willing to invest hundred thousands of dollars just to get an authentic Geliga Lipan so that they can try their luck in a casino. These gamblers believe that they will get back their investments few folds back in short time.

It is my personal take that a Geliga Lipan in fact cannot let a person “see through” solid objects but possess the ability to know what is hidden through the spirit that inhibited in the Geliga Lipan. A whisper is said to be heard by the owner telling him or her of what is infect hiding inside a box without having to stare directly at it.

This type of pearl can be used to attract money and treasures through certain ritual. Another theory suggested that a Geliga Lipan can also attract luck such as ease of sustenance. While others think that the owner of Geliga Lipan can make a person invulnerable to weapons and invisible. Few other people use the Geliga Lipan for treating animal or insect bite by placing it over the bite area and the Geliga Lipan will absorb venoms however toxic automatically.

There are four types of Geliga Lipan according to the locations:

  • The throne (mahkota)
  • The stomach
  • Between centipede stings
  • In the mouth

The Geliga Lipan in the mouth of a centipede is the most precious of all the pearls. This type of pearl can only be found on a dead old king centipede. It is said that eventhough the centipede is dead; it is still extremely difficult to extract the pearl out. If force is used, then the pearl will be render powerless. There is a specific ritual need to be carried out accompanied by mantra chanting and a piece of red cloth to welcome the Geliga Lipan. It is believed that only through such a ritual that the essence of the dead king centipede can be transferred into the pearl.

It is said that an authentic Geliga Lipan can shine in the dark.

Method of keeping a Geliga Lipan depending on the signs and addresses:

  • The Geliga Lipan is kept with a few grains of raw rice
  • The Geliga
  • The Geliga is bathed with a few drops of morning dew


  1. Thanks for sharing!

    Very interesting!

    Do you have any more info on Centipede related magic from Asia? I seem to come in contact with these creatures in different contexts, most often related to the magic of the dead.

    Last time was last Friday when going to a hidden place by a big stone in the cemetery where I "work" to leave the offerings from the altar of the dead a kind of centipede was on that spot and emanated in that context an (for me) auspicious vibration and was seen as a good omen and manifestation of the spirits of the one I was bringing the offerings to.

    now I also saw this post and it feels connected.

    So, please share more about this topic if you can.

    Why is the Geliga Lipan kept with rice corns? To feed it or some other reason? Also, do you know the exact ritual for the extraction of the Geliga Lipan from the centipede?

    1. Glad you like it.

      Next time, perhaps you can just stay and see if the centipede carries any pearls with it ;-)

      Yes indeed. The centipede related magic is mainly used to cause harm to a person, poultry/pigs and to counter serpent magic. Let me serch my collections; but these type of magic should not be published public.

      The rice corns are presents for the watchers of the Ggeliga Lipan. The ritual for extraction of the Geliga Lipan is best to be kept private for obvious reasons.

  2. Thanks for the info sharing. Was looking high and low on this information.

    How do you authenticate GL?

    Can I have your email personal so we can discuss this in private?

    1. Authentic GL can change colour.

      My email: liewsp1@yahoo.com

  3. Hey thanks for sharing. Its the first english site ive read abt G.Lipan. I hv one G.Lipan in my possesion. :)

  4. I had 1pc of GL. It's clear at first I found it..At night, i found the pearl changed to pure white in colour and currently it's clear white. Is it the sign of genuine GL.

    1. Where did you find it? Tell us, so we can look for it too in our surroundings.

  5. All is not true. Pearl ,gemstone and amulet is just an ordinary item. People say can do this and that is all false, they just want to make money out of u.

    1. Kudos to you! You are very few whom has seen the light. So called pearls on the market are all worthless man-made items. Centipede pearls are actually small glass beads glued to dead centipede heads. Perhaps there are real ones, but I have not seen one real natural pearl in 30 years!