Monday, November 19, 2012

The Javanese Incredible Hulk (Aji Kresna)

The Incredible Hulk
As it is told in Javanese puppet show stories, Krishna is the incarnation of Vishnu; he has the ability to turn his body into a monster when he is enraged. If the enemy has a weak mind, then he will go crazy due to fear after watching this figure. This is something like the fiction “Incredible Hulk” where Scientist Bruce Banner when angered, turns himself into a green giant.


Below is the “Ilmu Tiwikrama”: the ability to turn one’s body into a monster in the eyes of your enemies.



1.      Take a ritual bath before you start this ritual.

2.      Perform Mutih fast for 7 days starting from Monday.

3.      After that, perform Pati Geni one night but refrain from going to toilet.

4.      Recite God’s name, “Allah” continuously for 1 day and 1 night.

5.      Recite the below mantra to the best of your abilities for 40 continuous days:





Sahadat kurungan emas,

Melesat ilang rana tan kena ing rusak,

Sukma sejati mulih marang sukma sejati,

Sahadat alam mekar,

Mekar saka kersaningsun,

Di ijabahi dening Allohu."


Finally, without the need to go through the gamma radiation poisoning as Scientist Bruce Banner did, you have the power of the Hulk in your hands. So, next time when you are angered by your boss and before you turn yourself into a green monster; it is fair to give him/her a word of fair warning: “Mr. or Ms. Bossie, don’t make me angry; you don’t like it when I am angry!” J

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