Monday, November 5, 2012

Malay Divination: Ketike

Only perfect rice groats are used in Ketike.
Ketike (Ketiko) is old divination knowledge of the Malay tribes.


This knowledge can be used to ensure a past or present event.


There are many ways of carrying out a ketike/ketiko; one can use a handful of raw rice as a media. However, the question is only limited to simple “yes” or “no” type. For an example, you can ask a question such as: “Did so-and-so steal my mobile phone?”


You would need two persons to start this Ketike: one is the enquirer, and the other person to carry out the actual divination.


In order to begin the query, take a handful of rice, put the rice on the table.


Now the enquirer can start a query; after that the enquirer and the diviner each took two grains of rice with the middle finger and so on. If only one grain of rice is left, then the answer is “yes”; otherwise “no”.


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