Monday, November 12, 2012

Magic Anticlimax: Religion

I think it is not too much to say that religion is the anticlimax of all magic. Basically all the orthodox religions deny the value of magic.



After meditating on to religion and magic, I have come out with my version of sequence of power conjuration:


·         To conjure power: best to work outside in.

·         To dissipate power: best to work inside out.


For example:


If I want to call upon an entity such as Lilith, then I will call upon the 4 Archangels to open 4 elemental doors. Then I call upon the 4 inner Archangels plus the spirit Lilith. And finally I can either call upon the Taoist Nuwa or the Tantric Naga. In this way, all the spiritual doors are opened. In order to control Lilith, so I would say that, “there is no god but the God.” Hence no matter how powerful an entity is: be it Dewa Yakong, Dewa Songkong or Dewa Songsang will have to submit to God.


Likewise, when I say, “There is no god but one God”; all the wonders of magic will certainly disappear into thin air. And this is how I tackle this dreadful Dewa Yakong that everyone is so much feared of J. If you don’t believe it, when a medium is in trance; say out loud: “In the Name of God”; the medium will fall out from his or her trance. That is if the medium is truly in a trance. Peace.


  1. Is “There is no god but one God” the same as the islamic shahada "La Ilah Ha Ilallah"? Are they the same words or different? :P

    1. Yes. You are right :) The shahada is a powerful declaration to deny all magical beings, however powerful they are :P

    2. I see :P , Most malay, javanese or sundanese mantra ETC. used shahada on the last part of the recitation. I've seen a few arabic invocation before that last with shahada in order to subordinate all Djinn.