Monday, November 12, 2012

Mind Over Matters: Psychology

There are only two motivations behind every action, including in the practice of magic: confident or frighten.


What I would like to emphasize is that please do not give ad hoc hint to your subconscious mind. Our mind not only affects our physical health, it will also affect the outcome of matters. For example, if a person is overly afraid of failure; then the person is doomed to fail even before this person start the business. The psychologist calls this the “Wallenda Effect”.


Wallenda was a well-known high-altitude tightrope performer in the United States in the 50’s. He unfortunately fell to his death during his first major show. His wife later recalled that she knew mishap would happen because Wallenda kept saying that it was too important an occasion to fail. Whereas before his passed successful performances, Wallenda always concentrate on performing tightrope performance and not the success of his performance.


It is extremely difficult to accomplish a task; not only one has to worry about failure, he or she may also be afraid of being successful. A person may be afraid to face with honors and success as this person may think that he or she does not deserve good things. This is known as “Jonah Complex”:


Jonah is a Biblical character. The God commanded Jonah to pardon the sins of the people of Nineveh, and this is a noble mission and a great honor and this was also aspired by Jonah; but once this vision becomes a reality, he felt a kind of fear; felt that he was not up to the job. So he was trying to evade the upcoming success, thinking of ways to refuse accepting such a sudden honor.


Apparently people not only avoiding their lows, but also want to avoid the highs; because in order to success in life, the person will not only need to bear more burden and pressure; also the uncertainty of failure. Due to the fear of failure, people choose to exclude themselves.


So, are you afraid of success and ready to take the risks in magic?

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