Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ilmu Tenung Pemikat Ikan (Fish Decoy)


A super snakehead
There are many techniques old and new to angle or fish. Some treat fishing as hobby while others take it as a part time job.


Our SEA ancestors have certainly passed down some outstanding methods for fishing with fish hook and fishing rod. In order to master the most efficient method to angle, one must first choose a quality fishing rod and bait charged with magical power.


Below is the how-to:


·         The best rod is from bamboo that grows on the river banks and with their ends lowered into the river, or the bamboo that grows in the water.

·         Once you have gotten an ideal bamboo rod, cut it and then wash it.

·         Now you must choose the best measurement for your fishing rod. Using the distance from your thumb to your little finger as a unit, you must take a few odd measurements: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 etc measuring units.

·         After you have gotten the best length for your fishing rod, you must fast for 3 Mondays and 3 Thursdays and pray to Prophet Khidir and Prophet Sulaiman that you are given the power of fish decoy witchcraft by reciting the below prayer 33x and then blow a breathe onto the fishing rod:



 Asih aing asihan nabi hidir

 Ditenden Jero kail
saliring liring ngajinjing
Sarengkak-rengkak nu gencang

 Rezkik cicing

Bagjak datang

Usolli Muhammad Allah

Alif Ba Ta Sa Jim

Puh… (say your intention)”


·         After the fasting period, the above prayer is used as empowerment prayer for the fishing rod and the bait.


Good luck J!


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