Monday, November 26, 2012

Beware Of Mummifying Land (風水養尸地)

According to Chinese custom, a person’s flesh and blood belong to the human world, the body must first undergo decaying process before the soul can be permitted into the underworld and subsequently reborned.


Under normal circumstances, the body once buried, will decay very rapidly. The body is basically a combination of protein, fats, carbohydrate, phosphers, postassium, calcium etc. What is left is normally the bone skeleton after a year or so.


According to the theory of Feng Shui, the soil charateristic of a “mummifying land” is cool and black in color, it has a waxy texture; those who are trained in Feng Shui would be able to identify the potential soil by touching or tasting. A soil that is overly tensed by sunlight would only make a dry corpse. If a corpse is buried in the “mummyfied land”, as the soil viscosity and pH value are extremely uneven, its air tight characteristic is excillent, the growth of bacteria and bacteria are hidered. In this situation, the corpse would not decay even it is buried for a thousand years.


Modern caskets that are too well built with air tight facility, coupled with chemical preservatives; may also contribute to the mummy formation. Well, those are the modern contributing factors.


It is believed that if a corpse fails to decay (hence mummified), it will take on the life energy and nutritions of its decendents while resting in the “mummyfied land”. Besides that, this mummy will even absorb the energy of the sun and moon. People believed that, when this mummy is well fed, its finger nails and hair will grow in time; some even said that this mummy could also developed a pair of fangs.


So what are the effects of a mummy to its descendent? Well, a lot of unfortunate things will happen to the family members:


·         Consecutive death of family members

·         Unknown illness

·         Bankrupcy

·         Accidents


Immediate actions must be taken once a mummy is suspected to form inside a grave. The normal practice is to incenerate the mummy, or splash some rice wine and a banana trunk to the mummy and rebury it; only to open after 99 days later. If the mummy still fail to decay, then the only way is to burn it.


Below is a news summary on April 10th, 2011.


This real incident happens at Bukit Mertajam, Penang; Malaysia.


“Son die from illness, two daughters and one grandchild death in car accidents with another daughter suffers from strange illness. This unfortunate family of Wong came from North of Prai, Peaceful Village. The old Mr. Wong was 74 years old then.


After being tortured by a series of strange and unfortunate incidents, Mr. Wong’s family has no choice but to consult a medium near by. According to the medium, all the incidents was caused by the mummy of Mr. Wong’s late mother. His mother was buried some 14 years ago. In all common sense, any corpse after buried for 1 or 2 years, would undergone the decaying process.


An arrangement was made to open up mother Wong’s tomb at an auspecious timing. Upon opening up the coffin, to everyone’s surprise; the so buried body of mother Wong was very lifelike, only appeared a little pale. Even the wrinkles are apparent as during life.


The uncovered body of mother Wong was subsequently sent to a crematorium for cremation. Hence ends Mr. Wong’s painful drama.”


Feng Shui is not a false knowledge as many modern folks think. Believe it! J

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