Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Practice Of Lam Jalalah

There are many versions of Lam jalalah in Malaysia and Indonesia. Below are just some versions:


1.      Protection inside Lam Jalalah

a.       Recite while holding your breath while imagining yourself being surrounded by light.

b.      Recite “Ya Allah 7x, Ya Quddus &x, Ya Salam 7x”

2.      The Invisible protection

a.       Place two fingers on the left and right eyebrow.

b.      Read this verse in a breath hold three times

                                                              i.      “Bismillahilladzi La yad durru ma’as mihi syaiun fil ardi wala fis sama i wahuwas samiul alim”

c.       Inhale breath once and move your right index finger around your head to reach the original position.

d.      The left index finger does not have to move.

e.       This ritual will protect you for 1 hour.

f.       Perform this ritual when you see someone is possessed by a spirit.

3.      Asma Lam Jalalah

a.       Recite below after 11pm outside of your house while lying facing the sky. Try to observe as many shooting stars as possible:

                                                              i.      Inna Quwatih Ala Quwwatah Fi Alif Lam Jalalah (1000x for 7 days)

b.      For addition power:

                                                              i.      Inna Kaidi Matin Bi Qudrotim (1000x for 7 days)

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