Saturday, October 22, 2016

I Know U Can See Me (我知道你看到我)

My friend is a tour guide operating mainly between Malaysia and Thailand. One day, he visited me asking me to perform a flower bath ritual. On enquiring, he said he has finally saw the ‘dirty thing’ after so many trips in and out of the country. This incident happened in a renowned hotel in Bangkok.

Let’s call our friend as Jason. Jason works with a budget tour company. By ‘budgeted’ in his own terms meant the tour guide will need to share a room with any single travelling tourist. This arrangement has many controversies if a lady tour guide has to put up with another man for the night. Of course, those more established companies had discontinued this form of ‘barbarous’ practice.

As the story goes, after a day tour in Bangkok city, everyone was tired and Jason’s group checked in a hotel in the city by a river. If you have been to Bangkok, the weather is hot and stuffy. So, after a whole day of outing, naturally everyone was sticky and hot. Like before, Jason had to put up with another man sharing a room.

After completing the checking in process, Jason’s roommate rushed into the bathroom to wash himself first while Jason started to unpack his clothing and personal effects from his luggage. Suddenly, Jason felt someone was blowing a breath of air at his right ear. He could instinctively identify the person was a female for along with the breath comes the fragrance of ladies’ perfume.

Perhaps the sudden breath startled Jason and he turned his head and to his horror; he saw a pale face of a lady staring at him. Their distance between their faces was so close that both of them almost kissing each other’s lips. As recalled by Jason, the face was as pale as a piece of white paper and the lady spoken: “Sawadeep… I know you can see mee… Hehehe…”

In Jason’s mind he murmured: “Do you think I like to see you too?” Of course, he was a seasoned traveller, he knew by pretending not to see the apparition is the best way to tackle it. Otherwise, there would be no peace for him and his pal.

So he tried to ignore the lady and held his fear until his roommate came out from the bathroom. As soon as the guy way out, he hurriedly asked him to pack his belongings and go to the hotel reception. When the bewildered man asked Jason, he wouldn’t want to talk but just push the person to be hurry.

Only after both of the gentlemen were out of the spooky room that Jason revealed what he has just saw. Luckily, there was another empty room for them.

According to Jason, that was the first time he came so close to a ghost. Before he left, Jason asked: “Was the lady ghost from the room or somewhere else?”

I replied slumber: “The lady ghost had followed you for a while or it will not materialize in front of you so fast! In fact, she is waiting for you outside my house!”

Then, I tapped on his shoulder and bid him ‘goodbye’.


  1. A very interesting story. Hi master, normally for common folks, how do we able to sense there is an apparition following us?
    As i would like to share my short story. Its all started in the year 2010 whereby i was staying in my elder brother apartment. Since then, most of the time i had a similar dream almost once or twice within a month.
    In the dream, i always will be on a street dark and gloomy while there is no one else. While walking alone, i will sense something following me. Eventually, i turned my head back and saw a lady spirit in red fly from top of a tree to bottom while her foots did not touch the floor surface. Upon on bottom, immediately she became anger and verocious once realized i knew something was following me. After that she will fly towards me in full speed until bump into my body possess or fly through my body look alike.
    Ironically, each time the dream up to here, i will awake in shock. This dream has been repeating untill year 2015. All i can said was coincidently, i met my friend one day whereby his sifu was there too. The sifu suddenly told me there is something following me. Thus, after some thought, i remember this dream and told him. Based on the sifu analyzed, this lady spirit in red was following me since i first started stay in my elder brother house. Suppose, the lady ghost wanted to follow my elder bro, due to my luck was bad and low that time, eventually she choose to pestering me.
    After that, the sifu suggest to send the lady ghost in red away for me for FOC. Indeed a very kind and generous sifu i ever met. After from that moment, this repeating dream never incur again up till now.
    Nevertheless, my lucks still very bad and low since year 2008 till now i have been in a very serious in terms of earning a living. I have been penniless till now close to 8 years. Jobs always never come to me. Looks like something is blocking my lucks and career path.

    The end of my story

    1. Thank you for sharing.

      There are many ways to tell if a spirit still follows you... bad luck, injuries, feeling cold, bad dreams, hearing voices etc.

      Maybe your bad dream was due to Feng Shui issue. If your brother's place is dark and during certain timing; you may see ghost. That is pretty normal.

      It may also be because of you are having real bad luck. Everyone's luck changes every 10 years or so.

      Judging from your case, it might just be a combination of bad luck and bad Feng Shui. If there is a ghost following you, you will be crazy already.

      Best wishes to you.

    2. Really grateful for the existence of this blog.
      Learning so much with every post.
      Thank you Master Liew, really appreciate your tireless efforts to share!
      Your are truly a rare Asia gem!

      PS: When you have the time, you should start compiling all your stories and teachings and publish them into books for the sake of preservation so that they will never be forgotten!

      Best regards

    3. Thank you for visiting.
      I only jotting down what I can remember before my memory fades away...

      Your suggestion is good and I will think about publishing in future. But at the mean time, I shall let my mind run free to write whatever I can think of. There are too many problems with publishing.

      Kind regards,

  2. First of all, thank you master liew for answering my curious question. Appreciated for the knowledge added into my mind.

    Furthermore, master liew was right. My bro house was in dark environment mostly as he loves to close all the window curtains most of the time regardless be it day or night. I had the repeating dreams since moved in on 2010. Besides, usually morning after everyone went to work, when i was alone still sleeping, here comes my body will feel pressure and cold in a fee second i cant move due to something pressing on my body. Occasionally when i am alone in the house during night, while watching tv, i can here sound of opening and closing cooking pot cover as well as rice cooker.

    The most scary part was midnight 1am - 3am when i wake up for pee or sudden wake, i can hear a lady voices singing. The singing song was sound like opera performance song quite loudly i can hear from my bed. So i search few times around in the house find nothing but one thing for sure the voice at the most loud when i stood near to balcony glass door. However, when i step out on balcony the opera singing song volume reduce. There were few times when my gf was with me, i woke her up during the wee hour to ask her listen to the opera song but i get scolded as my gf cnt hear any singing voices.

    Meanwhile, i stayed in my bro house till year 2012, when my sister in law without any reason chase me out from the house given only 2 weeks timeframe for me to get a new room to rent. So i just get myself a room at another place near kl within the fixed date. But, staying in the new rented room, the lady ghost in red dream stll repeating the same as routine. As mentioned earlier, until i met my friend sifu, not a purpose arrangement, by coincident in year 2015 jan.

    1. In additon, after the simple ritual did by the sifu for me sending the lady spirit away, start from that moment until now i have never have the dream anymore. So, i am not sure whether is is indeed a lady ghost following me as the claimed by my friend sifu. However, the fact was started year 2008 i lost my job and stay jobless till now. Bad lucks keep happening to me, whatever i do never be success or fruitful. Every plan, wish failed in no time. It just like something is blocking the good comes to me. Even my friends helped recommend job to me will full support from head department, the job still failed come to me as suddenly the com big boss interfere in the recruitment process and rejected my application. Even my friend felt strange as her boss normally dont look into hiring matter. But this time with my application the strange thing happened. Due to jobless since 2008, after about 32 years unable to get a job, i decided go further studies that is when in year 2010 i move into my bro house. After graduated in year 2012, i still face the same problem of finding a job till now. In the process i did get jobs before, but in those few jobs mostly worked for 3-4 months my direct boss will ask me get lost. I am very sure nothing to do with work performance. The reason normally i received are very funny such as i dislike your hair, my company left nothing for you to do anymore, the first interviww i saw you i like you, but the first day when you report to work i dislike you. Of course i asked my boss why dislike me when just the first day he replied i dont know why just feel dislike. Anothet friend recommended job the boss accepted all total 10 applications and rejected one applicant yes thats me. My friend ask the boss why reject this applicant, the boss replied nothing, no reason. Just dislike it. Means, i dont even get the chance to attend interview i have been rejected for no reason. My friend even told me, hey buddy i think you should visit temple for good. Hahaha.