Friday, November 11, 2016

2017 World Economic Forecasts (2017经济展望)

It is at the end of 2016. With so many changes happened to political and economic situations throughout 2016, what can I Ching tell us in this coming 2017?

I will make it short to the point according to various sectors. Of course, the below predictions are very general assumptions for worldwide situations. Further work would be required to zoom down on the predictions of individual areas:

1.       Water related industries such as water processing and fishery would be quite stagnant and holding on to status quo.

2.       Agricultural sectors would see an extremely good development.

3.       Entertainment industries would experience a very slow progress.

4.       The transport industries would first boom but later turn slow to stagnant towards the end of the year.

5.       However, the influence of governmental institutions will be on a downward trending. This is perhaps in line with the dwindling influence of authoritative figures lately.

6.       Financial sectors would reach the bottom during 2017 may be due to bad debts and volatile world economic and political situations.

7.       Property market would be seeing an upward trending relative to 2016.

8.       The energy market remains quite volatile throughout 2017.

Generally speaking, overall economic situation would be progressing relative good compared to 2016 worldwide. More rapid development would be in Southeast Asia compared to be in China. The West would be a little slow to pick up too. While the development in Down Under remains volatile for 2017.

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