Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Drowned Ghosts From Phuket (普吉岛的溺死鬼)

A Richter Scale 9 earthquake hit the off coast of Sumatera during the morning of December 26th, 2004 resulting in the most disastrous tsunami in Southeast Area. Many coastal areas of Thailand, Peninsula Malaysia and Sumatera were hit by tidal wave and about 100,000 people lost their lives. Phuket is one of the hard hit area because it is a tourist spot and it happened right after the peak travelling season of the year. Many people were caught by surprised by this natural catastrophe.

A few days after the tsunami, TV stations of the world sent in their reporting crews to Phuket to perform live coverage. Hong Kong TV station crews were one of those many mass media folks who set foot on post-disaster Phuket. Karen, Jess and a team of filming crew was sent to make a documentary on this catastrophe; their focus was also on the ghostly phenomena that entailed the tsunami.

When Karen and the crew arrived at a renowned beach hotel, they only saw rubbles and rubbishes being piled up everywhere. Karen was wandering around while taking her camera to take photos. Suddenly she felt acute headache, the headache grew in severity until she had to leave the beach. Later, a volunteer told Karen that the place she just stood on was a mass grave of those who drowned a few days ago. It appears that the Phuket weather is too hot to keep dead bodies and the local morgue was already filled with corpses. So as to avoid epidemic, all corpses must be buried as soon as possible. We all know that a drowned body decay much faster than normal ones.

After a day’s filming and live reporting, Karen and the crews checked in a hotel to rest. She shared a room with Jess which she thought to be safer with all those wandering drowned ghosts roaming around. During the night, Jess had to take part in another filming the story of two kids searching for their parents lost in the tsunami thus leaving Karen alone in her room. She has no intention to go anywhere as her headache returned.

As Karen was lying in her bed, suddenly she felt a pressure on her body and her headache worsened. She knew that she was experiencing yet another ‘hag ride’ or perhaps some incubi wanted to take her advantage. Since she can’t move, she just had to lay flat. At this moment, her room door opened and she thought that must be Jess. As the figure walked passed Karen, she tried to move her eye balls hinting Jess to approach her so that at least whatever haunted her can move away…

But to Karen’s disappointment, this thought to be Jess only walked passed Karen and dropped straight into the bed next to Karen’s and fell asleep. After some struggling, Karen also gradually fell into her slumber land until morning. Suddenly, Karen was awakened by the noise of door opening and then Jess entered the room.

Karen asked Jess: “Hey, why didn’t you come to my aid last night? I was molested by a ghost!”

Jess looked at Karen bewildered: “I was with the filming crew running wild in the beach searching for the kids’ parents all night long! Now I really want to sleep!”

Karen almost fainted listening to Jess’s respond but she thought perhaps the ghost wasn’t interest in woman as it just laid flat on the empty bed! Or, she just couldn’t attract the ghost to do further advancement.

After the filming, the crews returned to Hong Kong…

Jess suddenly fall sick and her sickness dragged for one year or so. During her sickness, Jess couldn’t work and she had to resign from the TV station. Feeling sorry for her colleague’s predicament, Karen visited Jess. According to Jess, ever since she returned from Phuket; she felt everything was not quite right and there were water pools appeared from nowhere in her house. Even after she had mopped the floor, the water would appear fairly soon.

I happened to visit Hong Kong during that time. Karen called me up for an afternoon tea in a restaurant; and she told me about Jess. After hearing Karen’s story, I said to Karen: “Maybe Jess is haunted by drowned ghosts from Phuket, but I can’t be sure as drowned ghosts are territorial similar to earth bound spirits. You can plant a ginger rhizome in a pot and put it in Jess’s house and I will do the rest.”

A year later, Jess rang me up and she said that she felt much better now and the water pool was no more appearing. But, when she relocated the ginger plant to the back of her house while cleaning her house, a wild dog dug up the rhizome and ate everything… I told her that was indeed a good news because the drowned spirits had gone with the wild dog for good.

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