Thursday, November 17, 2016

Haunted House In Vancouver (温加华的鬼屋)

Most of Taoist exorcism rituals can deal with ghosts relatively easily. But when comes to demonic entities, we may need to resort to other forms of magic. As we can see from previous example of Crazy Look that Mao’shan magic failed to protect him from the unknown entity. Realistically speaking, a sifu really must rely on his/her intuition to determine if he/she is up to the job to tackle what is ahead of him/her. So, to all those sifus out there; cross your fingers and take care!

As told by Mr. Liu himself, Liu family moved to Vancouver together with many Hong Kong folks in a rush to meet the 1997 deadline prior to Chinese takeover. When the Liu family of four came to Vancouver, they bought a house beside the corner of a street and moved in accordingly.

According to Chinese customs, Liu family would first perform a ritual to pacify the spirits of all five directions: east, west, south, north and centre prior to move in. Everything seemed to be okay; nice and peaceful.

A few weeks later, Liu family returned to Hong Kong for some official business. They returned a week later and found kitchen utensils scattered across the kitchen floor. At first Liu thought someone had broken into the house. But upon further investigations, nothing was lost. So, Liu just brushed aside as the incident might be due to some minor earthquake which is possible logically speaking.

One month following the kitchen incident, Liu’s daughter Alicia always found herself sleeping on the floor in her bedroom although Alicia sworn that she did sleep in her bed the night before. After all, no one likes to sleep on the floor for no reason. Gradually, even Liu took the hit. One morning, Liu was waking up by someone while he was sleeping soundly. Upon opening his eyes, that was a police officer pushing his shoulders. The officer asked: “Are you okay sir?”

Liu looked at the police officer and then he just realised that he was somehow sleeping in front of his house! Liu was pretty sure that he did spend the night in his master bedroom with his wife. The police officer then looked at the house number and knocked on the door for Mrs. Liu to open the door. The officer made a gesture implying that he understood Liu’s problem. And, the officer saluted to Mr. and Mrs. Liu, and said: “Good morning sir and madam, this is a friendly neighbourhood but this house is not. If you need any help; just call the father down the street!”

Though the couple didn’t catch what the officer meant, they started to feel there was something not quite right with the house. So, a Taoist was invited to perform an exorcism ritual. The Taoist wielded his sword and sounded his bell for quite a while, and then he gave Liu some paper talismans and asked Liu to stick them on the front and back doors. Then the Taoist said: “Mr. Liu, you must set up an altar for guan’gong because there is a presence in your house and it is not a friendly one.”

So, Liu purposely setup an altar for guan’gong statue and also added an earth god’s altar beneath as advised by the Taoist. According to the Taoist, the earth god’s altar was meant for the evil entity to stay and not to create trouble.

It was peaceful for another two weeks for the Liu family. Then just one week before the Chinese New Year, and on a Sunday morning; Mrs. Liu found the guan’gong statue together with the incense burner were gone form the altar. Again, she thought the house was being burglarized. She informed Liu and the couple proceeded on a frantic search and only to find the guan’gong statue and the burner were being thrown into their rubbish bin!

Following the guan’gong in the bin incident, noises of footsteps and knockings could be heard on the wall and ceilings. At this point, even the adults were frightened not to mention the kid. Finally, Liu decided his family has had enough and managed to find another house at the other end of the city. A few days before they moved house, Liu couple went for a walk down the street and they met the father walking out from the church.

Perhaps it was due to curiosity, Liu approached and greeted the father. They started to talk and Liu just had to ask: “Father, don’t mind if I ask about the house at the corner…”

Before Liu mentioned the house number, the father replied: “Oh! I know that house you referred to. Its previous owner was a cult member and he used to perform animal sacrifice in the house. Rumour has it that this person has a pact with the devil and it is haunted by demons… Many exorcism rituals had been carried out but after peaceful for a while the hauntings continued… The God will make the call during the Judgement Day.”

Of course, Liu cannot wait until the Judgement Day. For the sake of his family he had to move ASAP.

Later when Liu paid me a visit, he asked for my opinion. And I said to him: “It would be quite difficult for me to judge what is the problem. If it is the problem of the house location, then the cheapest way is to move house. Otherwise the house roof must be taken down and the inside of the house must be exposed for not less than 100 days. There is no other ways even using the Taoist or Tantric rituals.”

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