Friday, November 11, 2016

Mind Where U Pee (勿随地小解)

I am not sure about ladies but men can indeed pee anywhere they possibly can especially when the urge is pressing and no toilet is around. But I would advise those gentlemen who like to pee just anywhere to ‘exercise caution’ because somehow and somewhere there are people eying their dicks! I am not joking; do you have this experience that some peeping toms like to linger in male toilet or changing room to enjoy those small brothers of yours? Of course, those peeping toms may be from the other side…

Bob is my college mate in Hartfield. We used to go to the college pub together during Friday night to have a mug of beer. While I just held a mug of bear throughout my stay in the pub, Bob would just pour mug after mug of bear into his belly. And normally after a few mugs, he would go to the toilet to unload and then continue with the bear loading again. At times after he has had a mug too many, Bob would just sleep beside the toilet bowl until he was carried out by the cleaners and let him laid outside of the premise when the pub closed for the night.

If you have ever walked along the collage lane on Friday night, you will be able to smell very strong scent of alcohol along the path and occasionally; drunk ladies and gentlemen would lay flat on roadsides. Unlike those drunkards in Asia, the ones in the college seldom disturb people. The most noise they would do was to kick those rubbish bins on roadsides.

Bob was one of those polite drunkards who just mind his own business when drunk. One night, as we were returning from the pub and walked towards our hostel; Bob suddenly said he want to pee but the public toilet was quite far away, so he just found himself a dark corner of a building and release himself. After his business, we bade ourselves farewell and returned to our room.

We have not met each other for three months due to industrial placement work as we went for separate companies. When we finally returned to our college to continue with our final part of our studies, I saw Bob and I almost couldn’t recognize him because he was quite a muscular and thought guy before we parted; now the person stood in front of me was a skinny person. So, what happened to Bob?

According to Bob, a few days after we have parted; Bob was having wet dreams. He felt someone or something was touching and kissing his body until he was aroused and ejaculated. At first Bob thought that was normal for a young man to have this type of dream, but when the frequency of wet dreams occurred too often; he suspected something was wrong.

Then one night, the figure of a man appeared in front of Bob at night and told Bob that he was Steve and he liked Bob. Ever since the ‘man’ saw Bob peed at the wall that night, ‘he’ has decided to follow Bob and this Steve will give Bob the pleasure of his life. And, indeed; Steve started to visit Bob almost every other night. This secret meeting between Bob and Steve still continued when we met again.

I was not aware of what happened to Bob later as he suddenly stopped his college study and return to his hometown.

So, men; think twice before you pull down your zip in the open!

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