Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Odd Things About Casinos (赌场怪闻)

Believe it or not, if I say that casinos are one of the most haunted places on earth. I am not sure about casinos in the West, but casinos in the East especially those in Macau and Genting Highlands have their fair shares of strange stories.

It is said that some casinos in Macau have a battalion of ghostly ‘fighters’ to tackle those good luck gamblers. You see, the Chinese believe that when a person is in luck; he/she would have three flames: tow on the shoulders and one on forehead. So, if these fortunate gamblers are on a winning trend; then these ‘firefighters’ would start to work by blowing off the flames on the gamblers’ shoulders. Once the gamblers’ good luck flames are extinguished, the person would suddenly lose his/her magical touch. If this gambler is aware, then he/she should stop the gamble and go for another table. Otherwise, this person is likely to lose everything he won and even being stripped bottom.

Of course, it is not easy for the out-of-luck gambler to leave the betting table because there would be another groups of spirits at work. One group as I told would be tasked to ‘pull the legs’ which is known commonly as the ‘ghostly leg pulls’ (鬼拉脚). The second group of spirits belonged to those ghosts of gamblers lost their moneys in the casino and committed suicides. Their restless souls would linger in the casinos and start to prevent those low luck gamblers to leave the casino alive. Once these disparate and broke gamblers committed suicide; the new dead souls would become the companions of the old ghosts. So, more and more ghosts would accumulate in the casino.

My friend who has psychic eyes once claimed that he saw the ghost of a lady trying to put out the flames on a gambler’s shoulders in a Macau casino. Another friend who visited a casino in Las Vegas said she saw the same scene but it was the ghost of a native Indian that did the job.

So said, what type of person is vulnerable to losing all his/her money in a casino?

The answer is pretty simple: only those gamblers who want to win big. If you don’t believe me, then try to gamble big in any of the casinos; and I bet you that you will be coming out from the casino clean.

Many people believe that a casino has done some Feng Shui setups so that whoever enters the casino would not bring out too much money. If you care to go to Macau and Genting casinos, then please see if there is a huge lantern, a fountain, a big bat or any type of huge object in front of the casino; then those gadgets maybe some Feng Shui gadgets to ensure that whoever comes in will stay put in the casino. Some main entrance of the casinos would look like the mouth of a beast with fangs and the function is same as previously mentioned.

Is there a way to beat this system?

Well, there is indeed. You may wind some money but not too much if you follow my advices below:

First, when you come to a casino; please first enter through the side doors. If you enter through the front door, then you are likely to be ‘eaten up’ leaving nothing.

Then, it is utmost important that you should not start gambling in the casino. If you have booked a hotel room, then check in and take a shower; and rest for a short while. Eat something if you must. After that, you may go to try your luck.

The next is that you must set a limit of how much you can gamble at one time. If you can stand to lose $1,000 per try; so be it. Please don’t push your luck once you have lost all $1,000 for that try. Leave the table and do something else. On the same setting, once you have won some money consecutively and then you start to lose money; please also stop and go to wash your face and take a breath of fresh air.

The best timing for gambling is perhaps from 5am to 7am because this is beginning of a day and the Yang chi started to become strong and the Yin chi is the weakest.

Also, for those friends who think of bringing their ghosts to assist in gambling in a casino; please knock off the idea. This is because those ghosts you bring into the casino would be harmed fighting with those countless ghosts already in the casino!

I had a Taoist brother who disregarded my master’s advice and brought his 5 ghosts (五鬼) into a casino. Not only he lost a lot of money, he also lost his 5 ghosts too.

So, my advice is just to try your luck the simple and clean way. Limit yourself when winning or losing, then in long run; you will find that you still gain the gamble with any of the casino in the world.

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