Saturday, November 12, 2016

From Nothing To Something (无中生有)

Old Chinese folks like to worship almost anything: rocks, trees, anthills, ghosts, demons, gods and goddesses just to name a few. While it is good to respect the nature, but when a thing is overdone, then more harm would be resulted than good.

Aunt Wong had aborted two babies when she was quite young due to separation from her boyfriend because she wasn’t ready to take care of her babies at that time. She married to her current husband about 10 years ago and now she has a boy about 7 years old.

One day, Aunt Wong found that her 7-year-old boy, Danny talked to a wall as if there was someone there. She immediately suspected that they might be the baby spirits she aborted many years ago. Perhaps this is due to her consciences that Aunt Wong carried this guilt ever since.

So said, Aunt Wong went to consult a Mao’shan master and he recommended Aunt Wong to set up two soul tablets for her two baby spirits. Since both of the babies were not yet given names; the master suggested Aunt Wong to name the little spirits. She subsequently called the two little ones: Lina and Roy. The two soul tablets for Lina and Roy were located beside the tablet of the earth god. A new incense burner was also put in front of Lina and Roy.

A few weeks later, Aunt Wong felt she wasn’t feeling too well and her heart would palpitate profusely at night while sweating heavily. Her pulse could reach 160 at times which made Aunt Wong difficult to breath. At the same time, she and her son started to see things. Two black shadows would suddenly rise from the earth god’s altar which scared the wits out from the mother and her son.

When Aunt Wong thought that she has had enough, she got my number from a friend and called me. I was about to travel outstation then but I decided to pay Aunt Wong a visit for a quick assessment.

On arrival to Aunt Wong’s place, the mother and son were crouching in a sofa covered with a piece of blanket. She came to greet me and let me in. As soon as I have entered her living room, two black shadows quickly attracted my attentions. The shadows almost bumped into me but they retracted into the soul tablets.

After looking around Aunt Wong’s place, I told Aunt Wong: “Your place is basically okay except the two soul tablets and the incense burner. Who taught you to worship the two little ones?”

Aunty Wong said: “Oh, the Mao’shan master asked me to do so. He said that my aborted children have nowhere to go so they disturb my son. If I do not setup a place for them; then the little spirits would harm us…”

Hearing what Aunt Wong had to say, I knew what went wrong. It is a mistake to worship own aborted kids in the house because they would not be able to move on to the other side as long as those soul tablets are being prayed at. So, I asked Aunt Wong to go to hospital to check up, and I would take away the two soul tablets to be used in my fire offering ritual after I returned from my trip.

As I heard, Aunty Wong’s syndrome suddenly alleviated and her pulse return to 80 or so after the removal of the kids’s soul tablet. Hence, I would strongly encourage those who have had abortions previously to send all the little spirits away and not keeping them in the house; for their own good of course.

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