Friday, November 18, 2016

The Nam Koo Terrace (南固臺)

The Nam Koo Terrace is believed to be one of the most haunted place in Hong Kong. It is a three stories European style 200 square metre mansion and Nam Koo Terrace was once a famous mansion in Wan Chai District (灣仔區) owned by a rich businessman, Mr. To (杜仲文). Since part of the external wall of the mansion was painted red, it is also known as the ‘red house’.

The Nam Koo Terrace is located at Ship Street where there are many now emptied old buildings. Many of those old buildings were once the ‘comfort house’ of the Imperial Army during 1941-1945. Many women were being tortured and killed in this area hence ghost stories started to spread throughout the years. There are stories being told that eerie cries of women could be heard came out from Nam Koo Terrace after dark. Some folks even claimed to have seen green orbs and ghostly flames float in the air in the Nam Koo Terrace. Sometimes these ghostly flames even travel outside of the mansion compound to chase after those unwary night pedestrians.

A spirit possession case happened on November 30th, 2003 where 8 male and female students formed a ‘ghost busters troop’ and ventured into the Nam Koo Terrace at night. However, the ghost hunting mission was a failure due to the extreme fright of the prospective ghost busters. All of the 8 persons turned their back and ran from the scene. They went to a recreational park nearby to chat instead. While they were chatting, three of the female students: Zheng (13), Wong (14) and Zhang (14) said that they saw a ‘shadow’ stood by a staircase leading to the ‘red house’ and waved at them.

Zheng, Wong and Zhang immediately said: “We want to go up to see ghost!” And, the three ladies rushed head on regardless of the danger towards the stairway.

As soon as the trio went up the stairway, they were stunned to see a ghostly figure stood on stairway flight and continued to wave at them. They were extremely frightened and immediately turned their back to run down the flights while hysterically yelling: “The ghost is following us!” The trio continued to run until the junction of Queen Road East. The other 5 students followed pursued close behind. The trio suddenly yelled out hysterically that they want to return to the ‘red house’. Ms Wong even yelled in a man’s voice: “You come with me!”

The rest of the 5 students immediately caught hold of Ms Wong and the other two ladies. They continued to slap onto the trio’s faces in the hope to bring them back to their senses. Because Ms Wong was emotionally out of control, four person rode on her body and tried to press her onto the ground. Unexpectedly speaking, Ms Wong suddenly gained superhuman strength, she easily gotten herself loose and then she picked up various rubbish on the ground and threw at her friends. All of a sudden, the scene became very chaotic. Ms Zheng was injured on her nose during the struggles.

People in the street thought they were fighting and someone lodged a police report. When police came, all of the 8 were struggling and entangled in a mass. So, reinforcements were summoned. In a jiffy, a big group of policemen arrived. With four officers in a group, the police subsequently secured the trio onto the floor. Even then, the trio continued to struggle. They continued with ‘flying kicks’ and start biting the police officers. The commotion only put under control after 10 minutes or so. In order to prevent the trio from struggling violently, their hands and legs were tied with bandages before they were sent to the hospital for treatment.

Interestingly speaking, after the medical examinations, the hospital found that the trio had not consume any stimulants and it was concluded that the trio were momentarily insane. They were allowed to go home.  While waiting for their parents to come to fetch the ladies, the trio sat in their sick bed and took out their Tarot cards to divine when they could be discharged. And, if “the thing is still around” …

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