Tuesday, November 1, 2016

You Endangered Our Lives (你危害安全)

I like to travel to small towns around the northern regions and spend perhaps one or two days there to enjoy the unique foods and natural resources of each place. Since my travels are normally impromptu, finding places to stay can be a big problem.

One day, I got an urge to visit Pantai, which is a small fishing village in the state of Perak. I decided to stay two days there so I just tugged a piece of t-shirt and some personal effects and off I went to Pantai with my car. I contacted my pal, Khor but unfortunately due to school holidays; his spare room was taken by a visiting relative. And, all of the known lodging facilities were taken up by tourists flocking the small town. So, my last resort was either looking for a community hall or a family memorial shrine (宗祠).

Luckily, Khor knew someone and I was able to find a temporary shelter in Khor’s memorial shrine to spend a night. The person in charged led me to a small store room just beside the main memorial hall where hundreds of soul tablets were located. The store room used to be the rest room for long distance guests but since there weren’t too many visitors from a far, it was packed with other stuffs. In the centre of the store room was a long bench with some items stored beneath. I thought at least I could sleep on the long bench which was about 7 feet in length and 3 feet wide. So I thanked the person in charged and he reminded me to lock the door and passed him the key before I left the next morning.

Since the memorial shrine was a little gloomy and scary, I thought I would just go out early and return late at night to cut short my time in the store room. After a heavy seafood dinner, I returned to the memorial shrine around midnight. As soon as I washed myself and ascertained every door and window is properly shut, I jumped onto the long bench and laid flat face up.

After a while sleeping, in a dreamy state; I suddenly felt someone was standing beside me. I opened my eyes and saw a long-beard-grandpa in white stood by me. He said: “Young man, you have squeezed me so much that I couldn’t breathe!” The grandpa then used his hands to rub against his waist indicating that he wasn’t feeling very well with his waist.

Then a grandma in white appeared beside the grandpa. She said: “Young man, your legs are on my face.”

And then a mid-aged woman came forth and complaint: “Your buttock is facing me and you farted too frequently tonight… I cannot stand the farts.”

Another young man in white said: “Your sliver dripped onto my face…”

All of a sudden, the small store room seemed to be filled with angry folks. They pushed my body and I rolled off the long bench. As soon as my body landed hard onto the floor, all of the apparitions were gone. I switched on the light and found nothing around. And I inspected items stored under the bench and to my surprised, there were some soul tablets put right under the long bench. I decided it is better just to sleep on the floor for the rest of the night. And I experienced no more disturbances after that.

First thing in the morning, I bought some incense and food offerings for the spirit to console those good brothers and sisters I have offended. When I passed the keys back to the person in charge and asked him about the soul tablets I found below the bench. He scratched his head and replied: “Ah! Those are the tablets that I had taken down from the main altar due to roof repair work last year. I had totally forgotten about them; how did you find out?”

I smiled and said: “You wouldn’t believe me even if I told you!”

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